Design and assembly of LED wall wash lamp

LD wall wash lights (LED line lights) are mostly in tall shape. It mainly uses dry building decoration lighting or outlines the outline of large buildings to play the role of wall washing. The technical parameters of LED wall washing lamp are roughly similar to those of LED projection lamp. At present, LED wall washing lamps usually use breathing apparatus to solve the balanced pressure difference and waterproof problems inside and outside the lamps.

The commonly used power specifications of LED wall washing lamps are ws2815 144, 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W and so on. Its working voltage is AC 220V, AC 110V, DC 24V, DC 12V. The luminous colors are red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, amber and RGB. The length of LED wall washing lamp is typically 300mm, 500mm, 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, and the luminous angle is 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120° and so on. The shape of LED is shown in the figure.sk6812 mini led strip.

The LED wall washing lamp is sealed with special anti-aging thermal conductive silica gel. The professional installation bracket can adjust the projection angle of the lamp at will, and can be adjusted horizontally, and its installation is convenient and quick. ​The Internal control LED wall wash lamp does not need external controller, can be built in a variety of alter modes. External control LED wall wash lamp requires an external controller to achieve color shift.

At present, the LED wall washing lamp body adopts the aluminum alloy extrusion molding method and the integrated heat dissipation structure design. Compared with the lamp body of the ordinary structure, the heat dissipation area of the structure increases by more than 80%. The design increases the heat dissipation channel of the air flow and ensures the luminous efficiency and service life of the LED. The external control LED wall washing lamp system is mainly composed of controller, synchronous cable, LED wall washing lamp and switching power supply.

The internal control multicolor high-power LED wall washing lamp has fixed procedures and few changes, so it can not meet the requirements of most projects. DMX512 external control mode of LED wall washing lamp normally chooses DC 24V power supply. Conventional aluminum substrate is 12 series 3 parallel, DC 24V power supply cannot bring it up. For the matching DMX512 driver board or DMX512 power supply, people can use 6 series 6 parallel special board to drive directly.

The cross-sectional area of the core of the power cord of DMX512 external control wall washing lamp (male/female wiring, topline) must be greater than or equal to 0.75mm², and 8 pieces can be attached to the butt head of the male/female. The specifications of the joint between the male and female pairs of signal cables and power cables must be different. It is best to have a difference in color and size (the power line of male and female joint with large, signal line with tiny).


1. When installing the DMX512 external controlled LED wall washing lamp, the signal cable should be connected first. The signal cable should be waterproof.

2. Male and female connectors should not be wired too often. ​Normally, the wiring of DMX512 externally controlled LED wall washing lamp should not exceed 8, otherwise the current will be too large and the line will be damaged.

3. The power cable and signal cable should not be connected inversely. The normal working voltage of the externally controlled LED wall washing lamp is DC 24V, and the voltage of AC 220V should not be connected by mistake.

4. People should tighten the fastening nuts of the male and female joints, otherwise there will be water seepage into the aluminum substrate of the lamp.

5. There are numerous kinds of controllers. Some customers prefer to use the controller with an SD card. Its speed is best to choose 1 gear, 2 gear, 3 gear, extra high-speed gear will make the effect of LED wall washing lamp look not obvious.

6. Before installation, people should check whether the voltage marked on the DMX512 externally controlled LED wall washing lamp is consistent with the working voltage of the installation bit, so as not to damage the DMX512 externally controlled LED wall washing lamp.

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