Is there a question bank in the securities qualification examination? Is the original question in the test library?

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  1. There is a question bank in the securities qualification examination, but the title of the securities qualification examination is to randomly extract the title from the official question bank. It is recommended to take a closer look at the teaching materials, keep in mind the knowledge points, and do more imitation questions, to check the missing and supplement, so that you can pass the exam.
    In each exam, a set of test questions are randomly selected in the official on -board test system to enter the formal test mode according to the chapter ratio. Different test papers.
    The qualification examination for securities practitioners is a national unified examination organized by the China Securities Industry Association. Securities qualifications are necessary certificates to enter the securities industry. Important references of groups, financial media, and government economic departments.
    If attention
    1. Remember not to forget the admission ticket with ID card and printing.
    2. Because you need to take pictures before the exam, and it is an unfamiliar test room, an unfamiliar machine test, it is recommended to go to the examination room early. Reading a lot of time is better than blocking on the road.
    3, the login test window requires test accounts and passwords. If you forget, you can check it on your admission ticket.
    4, remember to bring a pen, the paper does not need to be brought, the teacher will send it, ready to use it when calculating the question.
    5, pay attention to the questions in order when doing questions, first find a simple way, the point "mark" symbol that will not be done, wait for it to do it back.
    6. Pay attention to the questions when doing questions, especially multiple choices.
    7. The test time to the payment time system will be submitted uniformly, hoping to grasp the speed of personal questions.
    8. To learn to give up, it is too difficult to calculate the question, don't let yourself delay too much time on it, not worth it; if you feel that you have time to do it, you can mark it and wait for it to look back. It will affect the answer of other questions. The judgment question was originally a inverted score, and it has now changed to "answering the right score, not answering or wrong."
    9. Examination is a problem. Each test questions are different. Be careful not to look at others, it may be clumsy.
    10, there is time on the upper right of the test software, pay attention to it; the first requirement is to ensure that all the questions are done.
    The above reference: Baidu Encyclopedia -Securities Qualification Certificate

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