How to call the worker of a bank teller

Go to the bank to handle business, I don't know how to call those workers. I often shout "Hey", "Hey" I feel so polite, but I don't know how to call it.

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  1. Yes, I asked well on this question. I went to work every day and called me a lot. What big sister, the little sister. .. ..更奇怪的是有一个20岁的小伙子一进门居然就对我说:”大娘,我取点钱...”晕哦,天,我才24岁嘞,这样叫我,我真气啊,我Is it so old? Intersection Intersection
    The wealth is thick and thick. .. .. I admit that I am a waiter, he doesn't need to be so old, I feel like I opened a restaurant. Intersection Intersection

    , but busy, there is no time to care about them. In fact, my favorite name is, those uncle, grandpa, old lady call me "sister", the child calls me "aunt", Call me "Sister" smaller than me, you don't need to call it bigger than me, you're welcome, huh! Intersection Intersection

    Id now, no matter what the name is, just don't roar me. The current customers are too fierce, but who makes us the service industry. Ugh. .. .. .. When it comes to this problem, you are sad! Intersection Intersection Intersection

  2. I use "Hello. I want to do ... business ..". This makes the staff inside a sense of respected and can better serve you. hehe.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. The workers at the bank counter are generally called a manager. For example Supervisor; 3. For young ladies, you call her a beauty, she is acceptable. Of course, men can call it a sir; For teacher.

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