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  1. In the process of choosing gifts, some people say that it is better to be more practical, and some people say that everything is valuable to make gifts ... Everyone likes each other, and it is difficult for people to adjust, making people unsure. Every time I encounter this situation, I suggest that gift buyers first figure out what gift is, that is, the concept of gifts. For more than ten years, I have discussed the concept of "gifts" I defined by different customers. Essence

    The interpretation of the gift:

    "Gifts are liked to buy things or unwilling to buy."

    For example: When you like one thing, but when you are expensive or other reasons, you can't make it up to buy it. Suddenly someone will send you it. Your reaction must be ecstatic and love; For this situation, when you see what others have a favorite, you also like it, but you ca n’t buy it in the market. At this time, someone will send you it. Your response is also very happy. Thank you very much!

    From this point of view, the effect of gift giving is not entirely determined by the value of gifts, but mainly determined by the preferences of the donor. Because of this, gifts worth 150 yuan are not necessarily effective than 100 yuan worth of gifts. As a result, a new type of industry -the gift industry. At the same time, the gift industry is given different responsibilities of the gift industry and the traditional production and trade industry -with customer needs as a guide, designing recommendations or manufacturing products suitable for gifts. The former is a gift operator or a gift channel integrator, that is, a gift company (including a gift store), and the latter is a gift producer; in order to meet the needs of gift sales and information exchanges, it has generated gift exhibition companies, gift markets, etc. These companies have formed a gift industry. Speaking of which, we have clearly: Recommended products are an important part of gift company services. If this link is missing, it becomes a trading company, and the price of single -spelling becomes inevitable. Because gifts are too wide and the product updates are too fast, we need rich professional knowledge to ensure the effect of gift gifts. Therefore, the existence of the gift industry is inevitable.

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