Sonter Co., Ltd.? The current price of Sonter Co., Ltd.? Why does Sente's shares have been falling?

5 thoughts on “Sonter Co., Ltd.? The current price of Sonter Co., Ltd.? Why does Sente's shares have been falling?”

  1. Under the influence of architectural technology progress, people have higher requirements on the beauty and practicality of architecture. Due to the strong plasticity of metal materials, there are more use in the enclosure system of the building, such as the reputation of China and foreign countries and foreign countries. Beijing Daxing International Airport presents a free curved metal roof. Today, I will take you to interpret the leading enterprise of the metal enclosure industry-Sentep.

    A before the analysis of Sente shares, I have a list of leading stocks in the building metal enclosure industry here, and you can get it here: Treasure Data: Building metal enclosure industry leader in the industry leader industry leader industry List of shares

    . From the perspective of the company,

    The company Introduction: Sonter Xing Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, with 25 branches distributed In the country, more than 2100 projects and 100 million square meters of performance have reached more than 2100 projects. It is the first surrounding structure professional company in China to be listed on the motherboard. As a leading company in the domestic metal enclosure industry, Sentisov's five consecutive years from 2013 to 2017 Rongdang to the "Top Ten Enterprises in the National Metal Payment System Industry". The company focuses on the field of high -end metal building enclosure systems and environmental protection fields. The main business is new building materials for R

  2. In the context of the progress of architectural technology, people's requirements for the beauty and practicality of architecture continue to rise, and metal materials are very high because of the high plasticity

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