2 thoughts on “QQ pull people enter the group to make money and commit laws”

  1. Questions of illegal law
    The judicial personnel to truthfully record the behavior of leading cadres to interfere with judicial activities and intervene in specific case handling, and be protected by law and organization. Leading cadres shall not fight revenge against judicial officers. Due to legal reasons, non -legal procedures shall not be removed from office, departs, dismiss or make downgrade, dismissal, and firing.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a consulting lawyer I asked by Baidu, and I am very happy to serve you ~~~nHello, I am Baidu's consulting lawyer, and I am very happy to serve you.nHello, please describe your problem in detail, what kind of way to make money, can you describe it in detail?nThe question is to pull people into the groupnI thought it was just an ordinary micro -business publicitynAnswer Hello, the organization, leadership, the name of selling goods, providing services and other business activities, requiring participants to obtain qualifications in the methods of paying fees or purchasing goods, services, etc., and forming levels in a certain order. As a basis for rewarding or rebate, the number of MLM activities that seduce and coer the participants continue to develop others to participate, deceive property, and disrupt economic and social order, and shall be sentenced to imprisonment or detention of five years. The sentence is sentenced to punishment and fined.nIf it is simply a group of people, it is a personal behavior, and it does not violate relevant laws. If it is suspected of scamming the purpose of profit, it is another matter.nIf you need us to help further, welcome to understand our servicenIf it is the kind of micro -business propaganda group, it does not involve illegal acts, you are not illegalnIf the group is pulled in is to carry out obvious illegal activities such as MLM and ordering, if you know, you need to bear certain responsibilities.nThank you for your consultation. If you have any other questions next time, please come and consult us again ~nMore 10nBleak

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