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  1. When selling clothing, clothing salesperson can use the following sales techniques:
    1. I must be confident when recommended. When recommending clothing to customers, the salesperson itself must have confidence in order to give customers trust in clothing.
    2, suitable for customer recommendations. When the customer reminds the goods and explain the instructions, it should be recommended to be suitable for clothing according to the actual objective conditions of the customer.
    3. Recommend to customers with gestures.
    4. Combine the characteristics of the product. Each type of clothing has different characteristics, such as features, design, and quality. When recommending clothing to customers, we must emphasize the different characteristics of clothing.
    5, focus the topic on the product. When recommending clothing to customers, we must find ways to lead the topic to clothing. At the same time, pay attention to observing the customer's reflection of clothing in order to promote sales in a timely manner.

    6, accurately say the advantages of various clothing. When explaining and recommending the clothing of customers, compare the differences in various clothing, and accurately say the advantages of various types of clothing.

    7, in addition, clothing sales are also targeted. For the design, function, quality, price and other factors of clothing, it is appropriate to personally, so that the customer's psychology will be transitioned from "comparison" to "belief", and the final sales will be successful.

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