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  1. A large number of hospitals were investigated by the use of associated Tongji and other names because of the use of well -known hospitals such as "Xiehe" and "Tongji", fraud and misleading the people, seriously infringing the legitimate rights and interests of regular hospitals, and disturbing normal medical order.
    In statistics, since February of this year, the national market supervision department has ordered the use of "Xiehe", "Huashan", "Tongji", "Huaxi", "Xiangya", "Qilu", "Tongren" and other well -known hospitals. The name of the medical institution changed the name of the 1525 hospital management, medical beauty, drugs and other related industries such as hospitals with relevant fonts; 66 cases of improper competition in the medical field were investigated and dealt with, and the penalty was 5.351 million yuan.
    It 28,700 households in the supervision and inspection of profit -seeking medical institutions, investigating and dealt with 120 cases of violations in the medical field, and the penalty amount was 9.465 million yuan; 205 cases of false and illegal medical advertising behavior were investigated and punished, with a penalty of 4.6627 million yuan. Through resolutely clean up and rectify the special actions of the problem of being trapped by well -known hospitals, it has severely punished illegal acts that disturb the order of the medical market and maintain a good order of the healthy development of the medical industry.
    The expansion information
    The typical rectification operation
    . The market supervision department of Hebei Province ordered the name of the company in Xinxiehe Hospital of the Canal District of Cangzhou City to change its name to Huaeno Hospital, Cangzhou City.
    In June 2020, the Cangzhou Market Supervision Bureau of Hebei Province received a clue of illegal advertising clues to its own webpage from the Cangzhou Canal District Xinxiehe District, which was reposted by the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau. The Cangzhou Market Supervision Bureau immediately interviewed the main person in charge of the Xinxiehe Hospital of the Canal District of Cangzhou City, pointing out that it used the name of "Xiehe" in the name of "Xiehe" to operate to the public, disrupt medical order, and caused bad social impacts.
    On July 26, the Xinxiehe Hospital of the Canal District of Cangzhou City handled the name change registration. Given that the parties' advertisements are slight, the Cangzhou Market Supervision Bureau issues a notice of correction and requires them to modify the content of illegal advertising published by its own webpage and publish an advertisement in accordance with the contents of the "Medical Advertising Certificate".
    . The market supervision department of Liaoning Province strictly enforced the law. Jinzhou Tongji Hospital was renamed Jinzhou Renji Hospital.
    In June 2020, the Market Supervision Bureau of Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province carried out a clean -up operation in accordance with the deployment. During the operation, the relevant person in charge of Jinzhou Tongji Hospital interviewed the person in charge of Jinzhou Tongji Hospital, and informed that he used the word "Tongji" as the name of the medical institution to violate the relevant provisions of Article 6 of the Anti -Unfair Competition Law.
    On July 15, 2020, the Jinzhou Market Supervision Bureau issued a notice of correction or order to make a correctional order of Jinzhou Tongji Hospital, and ordered it to make corrections before August 15, 2020: the business license and medical institution permit will be replaced and demolished. And destroy all plaques, bills, official seal, etc. with the words "Tongji", stop being promoted online as "Tongji Hospital". On July 20, 2020, Jinzhou Tongji Hospital handled the name change registration and changed to Jinzhou Renji Hospital.
    Reference information Source: China Net-Xiehe and other well-known hospitals must not use

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