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  1. Employment prospects are wide.
    A property management is a undergraduate major in ordinary colleges and universities, which is a major in business management. This major cultivates the needs of the development of property management, has higher modern management theoretical literacy and good professional ethics, has the basic ability of property management and real estate operation planning, is familiar with the relevant guidelines, policies and regulations of real estate management and real estate. Service enterprises, real estate development and operating enterprises, intermediaries, institutions, and government departments engaged in the application and management of real estate management and real estate enterprises.

  2. I personally recommend not to be a studio management! Industry experience and communication skills emphasized by the employees of the property company! Your "Property Administrator's Permit" is useless. Do n’t take the test. You ca n’t take the test of aspects. It ’s a few hundred yuan. Do you think that the employer thinks your certificate is useful?
    If you really want to do it, you have a junior college after all, after all, you have met the conditions of the initial entry. As long as you boldly communicate with the employer, you can "ask" a chance to enter the industry. If you say useful documents, it is easy to be "Property Manager's Division Certificate" or "Property Enterprise Manager's Division Certificate". The Ministry of Construction does not admit it! You have to remember this question. If a lot of certificates are "Property Manager", this represents the highest level in the current professional certificate of property management!
    The outstanding property industry personnel are across professionalism! The most important thing is the opportunity for others to enter the industry! Intersection

    but I can tell you responsible: If you have any options, do not do property management! You will regret it forever! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection
    It if you ask me why? Simply put: it is low salary, high pressure, and high comprehensive quality requirements! It is absolutely not proportional to the income. It is necessary to say that the quality of the country is simply. How high the quality of the people is. What is the state's organs? "pain"! Intersection And the risk is great! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection What risks? It is very simple. I have been engaged in this industry for 9 years. I am currently the person in charge of real estate in Zhengzhou. I am a brother. You think how prestigious it is. In front of the proud developer, you are a "dog". In the eyes of the developer owner, you are not even as good as a developer's clerk! Only a few K salary, you are the "first fire responsible person in the real estate", ha, if the fire group died in the cause of public facilities, you will be caught by the police station to "go to jail". You think it is fun to be fun. !!! Do you think you only take a few K's salary value ???? And: Always deal with that low quality. Over time, you think you are "low -energy". It is very quality with the cleaner!

    It; property management is a professional discipline involving more than 10 professional disciplines, such as etiquette, public relations, legal foundation, property English, real estate management and real estate development, engineering projects, projects Learning (civil construction, water supply drainage, strong and weak electricity), office intelligence, cleaning majors, greening specialty, plant specialty, government relations management, real estate management practical exercise, real estate legal system, security science, fire theory, leadership psychology, administrative, administrative, administrative, administrative, administrative, administrative, administrative, administrative, administrative Management, property management practice, customer service system, community cultural science, hotel management doctrine and other comprehensive theories, which are subdivided into several major branches of residential property management, business management management, hotel property management and special property management! Surprise to get climbing!!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer questions for you ~   ~ ~ ~ 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回: 1. Logistics service guarantee management 2. Property industry supervision, community management and services, etc., mainly mainly Including: property management, real estate development, operation, intermediary related work. In addition, you can get a certificate: a certificate of property administrator, an assistant property manager certificate, a public relations certificate, and an accounting certificate. BleaknDear ~ The employment prospects of property management are very good. The quality of the property directly affects the positioning and value of the community. Gradually pay attention to "soft" parts, that is, property services. Property services have begun to reflect its value, and property management talents will also be accompanied by hot sales. Therefore, as people's understanding and needs of property will also make property management major a popular major. BleaknFinally, the salary after graduating from the property management major is very good. The specific salary is shown in the figure below:nDear ~ I hope my answer will help you ~  I wish you a successful learning ~ The future is like a brocade ~  n3 morenBleak

  4. Property management is still in its infancy in my country. Most of the enrolled personnel are halfway. Now, among nearly one million property management practitioners in China, only a few people who have been trained or educated by property management professional. There are still several prejudices and misunderstandings in the understanding of property management: First, the property management industry is a low -tech, labor -intensive industry, and its work is simple maintenance, cleaning, greening and security, and even equivalent to them. For maintenance workers, security guards, etc.; The second is talent training that property management does not require high -quality talents. However, with the increasingly improved construction technology content and the requirements of residents, the requirements of the property management industry have become higher and higher, and the middle and senior talents with actual work experience and independently host the comprehensive management of the property community are particularly lacking.

    The property management industry in China is an industry with more talents in the past ten years. The main reason is: first, because China is in the period of urban construction and transformation, there are many construction projects, and the increasing talents will increase; the second is that real estate development is not limited to building and selling buildings, but also extended to the professional management of property. This A new industry requires a large number of high -quality talents to join. In the next ten years, talents in the needs of the property management industry include four categories: engineers, rental property managers, property managers, and senior property management planners. In these four types of personnel, property management personnel are the most urgent needs.

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