Are there any bank marketing creative golden ideas

Are there any bank marketing creative golden ideas

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  1. 1. Establish the correct marketing concept

    The impact of Internet finance, banks began to vigorously develop wealth management business. The original intention of the bank's wealth management business was to attract and retain customer funds. Under pressure competition, its development trend began to deviate from its original intention. Many banks even started to "tear" with deposits. They used various words to guide customers to buy various financial products. The scale, and once the customer has formed a habit, let their funds be transferred from wealth management products to savings deposits, it will become very difficult.

    Therefore, bank customer managers and front -line employees of banks should establish correct scientific marketing concepts. Do not put bank wealth management products with savings deposits in a opposite side. On the contrary, they should complement each other and cooperate in division of labor. The relationship, or their appearance can subdivide the original customer group, such as the customer group of wealth management products can be positioned to accept a certain risk, and hopes that their assets can make value -added on the original basis, and savings deposit Customers can locate those customers who are relatively traditional and do not accept risks. They just want to have a little interest income under the premise of the capital.

    . Attracting young customer groups

    From the current development situation, banks' attraction to young customer bases is constantly declining, especially Alipay WeChat and other representatives. The rise of Internet finance has increased the gap between banks and young people, but young customers, as the main force of the future consumer group, are an important group that banks cannot ignore. Therefore, banks must firmly grasp the group of young customers.

    1. The characteristics of grasping young customers

    First of all, since it is marketing for young customers, we need to firmly grasp the characteristics of young customers. Now most young people are While pursuing exquisite life and enjoying life, it may also lead to the emergence of various bad consumption phenomena such as "advance consumption" and "moonlight consumption". Therefore, banks can seize the consumption psychology of young people and launch a target of a target Sexual "small targets", "dot deposit", "deposit a little daily" and other similar deposit products.

    The main function is to allow young people to set a deposit target and deposit period before the deposit, half a year, one year, two years, etc. The funds after the deposit will be frozen until the target achieves or the amount of deposit can be reached before it can be taken out. Don't be too complicated, it is best to complete it in a mobile banking.

    In short, young customers prefer to pursue new interesting or personalized deposits. Therefore, banks need to continuously innovate deposit products and try to fit the preferences of young customers.

    2, the emotional needs of amplify the customer group

    It this is not just for young customers, it is more applicable to all customer groups. In terms of historical origin, the Chinese have been affected by the farming economy since ancient times, and they have long pursued the psychological thinking of "there is no food in the rest of the food", so the Chinese have always had a sense of savings.

    Therefore, if banks want to grasp the young customer group, they can start from emotional needs, make full use of the safe and reliable advantages of savings deposits, and continuously amplify this advantage through deposit design and channel experience. Increase the sense of security of young people's savings in the bank, and then push the product in a targeted product according to the actual situation of the customer's life at the actual situation of the customer's life to meet the dual value demand for customers in deposits.

    . Digging the hidden needs of customers

    everyone has their own financial needs, so the tellers must think more about, see more, ask more, ask more, ask more, ask more, ask more, ask more, ask more, ask more, ask more Observe more, in the process of contacting customers, or when applying for business for customers, continuously amplify the hidden needs in his heart according to his own characteristics. Moving, and this is your marketing opportunity

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