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  1. WeChat girl's avatar temperament, WeChat avatar girl temperament is beautiful to mention WeChat girl's avatar temperament. Everyone knows that some people ask WeChat girl's avatar temperament, and some people want to ask how to see her level from a woman's WeChat avatar to the end High or not, do you know what's going on? In fact, what kind of avatar women use on WeChat shows what kind of person she is. Let's take a look at the WeChat avatar girls with beautiful temperament. I hope to help everyone!
    1. How to see from a woman's WeChat avatar that her level is high or not: For example, a woman who uses an avatar, very confident in herself, likes to be with people, uses the landscape to make the avatar, not paying attention to the attention, I don’t pay much attention to it. Materials, peace of life, have their own pursuit, use animals as avatars, like small animals, soft character, and children in their hearts. In other words, seeing the text is like seeing people. A person's personality and his words ...
    2. What avatars women's WeChat uses what kind of person she is not. He himself explained that he cares about himself. What is showing off

    3. How to chat with girls with a saying good. "Your appearance determines that she and you will not play with you, your quality determines how long she play with you." In WeChat, Your circle of friends, the inevitable existence of how long you play with her. Many brothers in the college have read a lot of posts but still can't. That's because they have never concluded, nor did they really want to learn. Just want to come to pastime. Then, he said that he would not chat and sign up for a course. As a result, when I went home, I bite the mouth and said that I didn't learn anything. Then I am here to mention some of the most basic things for everyone:
    (1) The photos of your circle of friends, most of them have been treated with PS, making the picture exquisite.
    (2) The third -party link of your circle of friends is directly related to your life. If not, please delete.
    (3) Is the photo of your circle of friends ground ground? What is ground is your life state. No one is born with God, and no one is wonderful every day. Let's eat and drink the simplest. But ordinary eating, drinking, and fun are also needed. This requires your background to modify.
    Secondly, the bland talent who does not seek to move is silk.
    In the world not living in this world. Bubble learning will also let you soak for a lifetime! In the end, it is still necessary to land. Just like I took a lot of people's courses to become myself now. And some people came to publicize this. Therefore, it is your personality and special in the WeChat circle of friends. Personality is your way of life. Special, you are your specialty, your calendar, you are now yourself. Metaphor, you are an engineer, your lawyer, you are a doctor. But when you interact with others, there are still differences. That's because there are not two two people in the world. What we want to tell them is that I have confirmed different existence. And we can also be together, because of seeking common ground while depositing.
    third, basic social rules.
    The core of bubble learning is "self -centered", and the principle behind many conventions is also here. Use ridicule as soon as you come up. Many girls think this person is strange, and more, girls will feel that this person is petting. As a result, the response would not, at this time, my heart was anxious. Began to chase, and there was a sense of demand when chasing. The sense of demand is a sense, uncomfortable. Instead of friendly, polite and good exchange.
    metaphors, you go to see a positive girl. As soon as you look down, you dare not look at your eyes, and say in a panic, your hairstyle looks like instant noodles. There is also a kind of. You smile and tell her that your hairstyle is very suitable for your clothes, which looks temperament. Which one do you think is demand and which one do you have no need.
    and my opening remarks: two smiley faces. Or have a long word. "One of our tacit understanding is that I don't speak, and you are silent." Of course, many people will say that this is not a convention. Black cats and white cats can catch mice cats are good cats. Just use it.
    Fourth, self -esteem and self -loving chat posture.
    has a saying called "Non -Merit and Not Lu". Don't boast others easily. Just like you walk on the street. Suddenly, do you dare to give you a mobile phone? You will definitely have a lot of question marks to come to your mind. Of course, there is another special existence. You need to fight at the time, and that person said that it would not be money for you. You should be fooled at 99 %. Girls are actually too, and they have not been praised for a long time. You will praise her, she will be happy. There is also a saying that "Jiaotong Words" will take care of her, love her, and duty. Who do you think, who is it? The old lady wants you to teach, how to be a person. Therefore, all we have to do is to confirm the existence of strangeness. There will be differences in strange. Differential differences are more for the same existence difference and form a win -win situation. When a girl tests you, gives you obedience, and give you embarrassment, you know how to do it.
    "Roman City was not established in a day."
    In the process of learning in love.
    The appearance construction is the easiest to improve. In just a few days or a few months. You can be a pseudo -high -rich handsome. You have no money to buy genuine clothes, you can go. You will not dress up you can teach you.
    A love technology is also easy to learn. The spectators who are watching this post, who you say you do n’t know, ridicule, cold reading, push pull, pride and fun ... and these skills are just an embellishment of chatting in you. From beginning to end, cold reading from beginning to end, push pull from beginning to end. It will be considered. (Do not believe it, you try)
    The love mentality is the most difficult to improve. In fact, the content of your WeChat chat with the girl is not always necessary. The important thing is that she likes you or in which stage of you. To put it in writing, this is a judgment of the distance between heart and heart. Of course, many brothers will say this. Then let's come to the ground. We have a WeChat template to share with everyone.
    (1) You get her number. You can't wait to look at the photos of her avatar or circle of friends, and rarely read the text.
    : 1, one of our tacit understanding is that I don't speak, and you are silent.
    2, evaluation of her avatar, or name or personal signature.
    4. What WeChat name attracts the sorrow of beautiful girls

    n Swen 类 类

    is tired, hidden

    Moving you

    The construction is always in the construction NG

    The happiness

    There is no access permissions

    This arrangement of fate

    n Cangtian has a well, natural empty

    n 嗄べ 嗄べ

    It couples are bitter and tired, and do not say that giving up

    Mexing you gentle

    The memory of Xia Xiaoyu r

    ┼ ─ ┼

    R n laughed at the dog biting dog
    three -point seven -point drunk

    の の 婲

    Xiao Mo Dian

    The defeated youth

    In irreparable pride

    It will lose to Xiaosi


    ε 安 小

    Xiafeng ぐ ぐ

    tears laughing, the most painful n
    unfortunate Ω ヽ ヽ ヽ ヽ 最后 最后 最后

    丿 Senior

    If you do not love, please stay away from the world of Russia

    The injury, I have no intention to hurt

    The pale flowing years

    In lost control

    ⒈ ⒈ ⒈ ⒈ ⒈

    Ormeter, ridiculous and sad n brother's two you can not imitate


    Rain cherry

    He was my warmth

    It's just a human heart

    I have been waiting for a person

    Hook for a hundred years without changing


    strong face laugh

    did you have distressed my attachment

    R n The three -inch sunlight that cannot be borrowed

    , hand over the daughter of the daughter

    The better nickname Daquan will organize it for you

    Why do you have to do your best

    Stocking yourself is too stupid, too naive

    The sad point

    The Xinqing

    This is better than pretending to be pure ▼

    Crazy men

    In love

    Where I can't find out where my husband is

    Flowing year

    The gentleness on the left

    In heart broken

    Mei の

    No one wants


    Is who love themselves
    not every man is ###, (### to your Name)

    An Xiaoxuan

    The small temperament in the bones °

    This cold words Cold and gentle

    sunny light year

    n Three cores

    . My heart is deported by you
    The above is the beauty related to the temperament of WeChat avatar girls. It is about how to see her level from a woman's WeChat avatar Whether he is high or not. After reading the temperament of WeChat girls, I hope this will help everyone!

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