3 thoughts on “What are the benefits of VIP?”

  1. First, you can set the ringtone;
    , the membership group super privilege;
    , free greeting card;
    , membership avatars;
    five, ranking forward on other people's QQ, Show the name of the red;
    , the network collection clip (larger than others);
    seven, the list of cloning my friend;
    , you can log in through the VIP server; You can set up a member of the members (you can let your friends know that you are online when you are invisible, so that people you don't like do not know you online);
    ten, filtering advertisements;
    eleven, .............. … There are still many functions that are more useful and more useless for some people. I don't list it here, but because QQ has launched a member level, so many functions will be different because of different levels, and treatment is also treated. Different, for example, you can add 1,000 friends when you reach the level 5 of the member. In addition, if you have groups, the first -level members can increase the group of 10 other groups, and the second -level members can be upgraded by 20, push in order!

  2. Open QQ membership privileges (37 items) Respecting red name ranking top super pretty card
    QQ level accelerated filtering advertising forum privilege replies notification more cool members avatar members magic emoji members dazzling bell n member greeting member music Weekly more powerful member group super privilege members close friends and friend friends limit (1000 people)
    network hard disk (128m-1.5G) network album (1G) QQ mailbox (3-6G) member VIP server login more free file transfer station r r r r r r r r
    offline communication file expression roaming chat record Upload mail mobile phone notification enhancement version friends online mobile phone notification
    mobile phone settings avatar mobile phone setting light bell network memo network collection folder is safe, strong security protection password modification
    The mobile phone redesigned password consideration to prompt a friend clone more affordable recharge Q coin account 20 % off high -end group payment 50 % off membership acceleration upgrade

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer membership of members' shopping, and membership sharing shopping links to get cashback discounts. The specific content is as follows: 1. There are two main equits of becoming VIP: basic rights and value -added rights. 2. The basic rights and interests are mainly membership of members' shopping, and membership sharing shopping links to obtain cashback discounts, ranging from 5%-40%. The value -added equity is mainly that you can invite others to be VIP and get coupons. 3. Like other membership -made shopping, you can enjoy the membership price of the membership. It is cheaper, and there are many preferential activities specially set for membership. 4. Expansion answers: It is quite beneficial. You can go to the public account or app to see it. There are specific details.

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