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  1. Selling vegetables in the vegetable market may not make a lot of money, but the daily expenses in your home and the cost of living can still be issued. Nowadays, people who are old will drive battery cars. You can drag some fresh vegetables to sell in the distance from the distance. You can also sell the vegetable markets planted in your home. As long as you are holding the principle of small profits and more sales, don't miss the two less, and don't charge it in the secondary time. This will definitely have a return guest, and the business will get better and better.
    In a garbage collection waste station, don't underestimate this business, let alone underestimated these worthless garbage wastes. It may not be worth a few dollars in your hands, but when the amount of waste is large to a few tons, Even tens of thousands of money. Because you underestimate these garbage waste is worthless, but the bosses at the waste station are a model for less. Moreover, many abandoned old machines contain precious metals such as copper and aluminum. People in the waste station cut these precious metals with a cutting machine, and the price will be doubled. Therefore, opening a waste station is a project of Wanli, and many people are relying on the abandoned station to make a fortune.
    In a cigarette and alcohol department store to sell some fruits, which is a good project. Many department stores now have a car to the door of the store. There is no need to get the goods at all. Except for the fruit, the fruit needs to go to the wholesale market.

  2. When you are old, you can find a relatively easy work, such as showing people the door, warehouses, etc., without too much physical strength, easy and stable work. The others are really hard to find, or you have professional skills to give people guidance.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, older people are more suitable for the following work: 1. If you are older people to do nanny, because they have accumulated a lot of rich work experience before, they are more confident in doing things. In this case Trust, under the premise of doing a good job, do not have to worry about income issues at all.n2. Online car driver. Many people now drive, especially some drivers are generally done by older people. Now many people are doing the job of online car drivers. As long as they are under the age of 70, they can basically be a online car driver.n3. Parking lot toll staff. It is very appropriate to get a parking lot toll collector, because this job is somewhat similar to security. Although it may not be a job from nine to five, it is relatively stable.nIn general, these three jobs are recommended. Although the salary is relatively low, the work is relatively stable. It is more suitable for people older to do, and the workload is relatively small.nMore 2nBleak

  4. Now that you are transferred to a relatively hot market, such as the current West Point Baked Coffee. It is relatively easy to start with these industries, and it is relatively easy to find a job. Moreover, the salary is relatively high, and the study time is relatively short. You can find a job quickly after getting started. Also, it is easy to finish the baking West to start a business. I am a boss a lot better than working for others. And it will not be eliminated in a short time, and it is relatively easy to work

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