4 thoughts on “I want to set up an engineering cost consulting company, please take a look”

  1. The establishment of an engineering cost consulting company has a special management regulations for cost consulting. It is not difficult to register industrial and commercial registration. The difficulty is the application for the qualifications of engineering cost consulting. There are detailed standards in the management regulations. The cost management office or engineering cost association), the initial investment of the company does not require too high.
    but if you did not do this business before, you want to set up an engineering cost consulting company, the company's operation will be difficult. Because there are already many engineering cost consulting units in the society, the competition is also very fierce. The qualifications of the new company can apply for a very low qualifications. If you are not in the engineering consulting industry, it is difficult to receive this business at once.
    The accounting firms in the society are also engaged in engineering cost consulting business. As long as you apply for qualifications, especially there are many specialized offices that are specialized in audit. R N Pure engineering cost consulting companies generally apply for two qualifications for engineering cost consulting and engineering bidding agents at the same time, so that work can be better carried out. It is recommended that your business scope of business registration includes these two aspects. You also need to apply for these two qualifications. The qualifications will spend a lot of energy.
    The above content cannot be clearly explained, and contact with the local authorities and exchanges with the colleagues will have greater help.

  2. Now that the Internet is so developed, you can look at some professional websites, such as the speed calculation 365-cost-saving soil. There are professional information on this aspect.

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