Wenzhou Business School dormitory conditions, the environment of several people in the dormitory (picture)

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  1. Wenzhou Business School dormitory conditions, whether the environment of several people in the dormitory is good (picture)
    . Introduction to Wenzhou Business School
    Wenzhou Business School is currently the only undergraduate college in southern Zhejiang. Known as a high -level independent college in China, Wenzhou University Urban College. Li Yang, the current president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Li Yang, chairman of the National Finance and Development Laboratory; Director Wang Luolin.
    The Wenzhou Business School is a pilot institution of the national education system reform. It has been approved as a new master's degree in Zhejiang Province. Wenzhou Business School is based on business and sciences, and builds a discipline professional system that is mainly economics, management, and coordinated development of engineering, literature, and art in engineering, literature, and art. 23 undergraduate majors and 5 college majors have fully considered the employment needs of students, closely connected to the Wenzhou National Financial Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone Zhejiang Modern Service Industry and Port Logistics Center and Wenzhou Fashion Development Strategy to cultivate the talents needed for society. In the past three years, graduates The average employment rate reaches 95.42%.
    . The conditions of the dormitory conditions of Wenzhou Business School introduced the reddish -brown appearance. It looks a bit retro and the accommodation fee is high. It is 3,000 a year, but it is super close to the school, about 100 meters distance
    . Sister school sister The evaluation of Wenzhou Business School by the senior 1. Wen Shang's dormitory should be the best I have ever seen (compared to the university of my high school classmate), there are independent bathrooms and independent bathrooms and air conditioners in 16 years. The school's new dormitory has 4 lives, you can imagine it) After all, the tuition fee is 28,000 (local tyrant)
    . The dormitory of our school can be said to be better among similar universities, and the dormitory is installed in the dormitory installed in the dormitory. Air conditioning, with independent bathrooms and bathrooms, and the new dormitory of the school is basically four people, and they have been put into use. However, the infrastructure of our school as a whole is relatively complete.
    3. The former, we, our school, is the urban college of Wenzhou University, so the overall strength and management are relatively good. In addition, the school is located in Wenzhou. As we all know, there are many businessmen in Wenzhou. There are still many opportunities, and the development of the school is relatively potential.

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