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  1. Near graduation, there are not a few fresh graduates who have the idea of ​​"do not want to engage in job jobs in this major". What occupations do you engage in? How to successfully cross the bank without experience? The dry goods are here, watch!
    . Choose positions with strong universality, low professionalism and low technical content 1. The front desk
    This requires good image and good temperament.
    2, tour guide
    The explanation of the attractions, responsible for all services during the journey, a great test of the body, and later to logistics.
    3, clerk
    It college degree or above, job search clerk is easier. Usually, clerks do text processing, documentation, copying documents, receiving calls and processing office daily affairs (receiving guests, sweeping the floor, cleaning, buying, buying, buying Works such as office supplies). It's relatively easy to get started.
    4. Operation
    The operating position is now more popular, and most people can engage in. Basically, you can master writing planning, writing articles, reading data, etc.
    5, manpower: selection (recruitment), education (training), use (performance assessment), retention (rising channel, corporate culture). Jelly work, CEO is more trustworthy, suitable for classmates who are good at listening and rigorous.

    6, production and service: provide valuable products or services, such as psychological counseling and training. High income, high thresholds, high pressure, suitable for students with strong hands -on ability and strong communication ability.
    7, customer service: answer customer questions, provide related services, and improve satisfaction. It is the most deepening department of enterprises in contact with customers. The entry threshold is low.

    . Other cross -professional employment channels 1. Postgraduate entrance examination. You can continue to be studied and postgraduate. If you do n’t like this major, you can apply for the exam across majors. After the postgraduate entrance examination, your knowledge will be wider and employment opportunities will be more.
    2. You can test civil servants, compile career editors, iron rice bowls, state -owned enterprises, and more benefits.
    3, joining the army. You can go to the army, and the undergraduate joining the army is still very popular. You can directly participate in the selection of grassroots cadres of the army. The troops can take the military academy directly, and the postgraduate students have bonus points after retirement, and there are special plans for "retired soldiers".
    4, entrepreneurial. You can start a business by yourself, but the premise has a certain economic foundation and can support you to engage in your favorite industry! For more answers, welcome to Baidu ~
    . How to successfully apply for jobs across professionalism? 1. Learn about the development of the industry in advance.
    It can find a senior, teacher or recruitment website for the industry for understanding;
    2. Find the corresponding internship work.
    It is difficult to find without experience, but there are still some internship opportunities for fresh college graduates;
    3, understanding on the recruitment website, who wants to engage in jobs for talents, learn in advance, will be in advance, will be in advance, will be in advance, will be in advance, will be learned in advance. The disadvantage of itself has become an advantage.
    Mostly on the recruitment website, check the requirements of talent for talents, check the leakage and supplement according to the requirements of the post, and increase your strength. For example, the JAVA development position below can see what skills of the current enterprise needs in the work responsibilities.
    more answers, welcome to Baidu ~

  2. Feasible, because this college student has a strong learning ability, whether he is his own or other majors, he can learn easily.

  3. In society, the proportion of graduates who are engaged in their own major is very small, so in the face of the major you do n’t like, you do n’t have to be too tangled. Just do your career as soon as possible.

  4. After reading the major you don't like, of course you can switch to career! I am a living example! And I am a walk for seven years after reading ~
    The briefly introduce my situation. Double non -book, 211 Shuo, Benshuo is a biological major. The reason for the transfer is that I experienced the suffering of scientific research during the graduate student, and deeply realized that my personality was not suitable for scientific research. Therefore, after the end of the research, I decided not to engage in the work of this major in the future.
    The role of scientific research during study-Video screenshots
    The year after graduation, I interviewed bank marketing posts, customer manager posts, audit associations, medical device companies 'marketing posts, public institutions' talent introduction, etc. Five offers, I do n’t have much face, and my academic curriculum scores are very average, but because I have explored a set of wild interview logic, I can achieve such interview results under the epidemic and successfully switch to career. I am more satisfied with myself.
    Here, I shared my transfer experience, hoping to help people in need ~
    The content is divided into two parts, techniques.
    1. Spell: Establish the correct interview view.

    before the interview, you must know these principles:
    1.1 The core of the interview: Personal matching
    Them after the entire interview, remind yourself at all times, Every question you answer points to one direction, that is, "people match", every time you answer, you must show HR, "I tailor -made for you, choose me!"
    regardless of the past. How to be rich in academic performance, scientific research experience, and internship experience, you must choose an experience that can prove that you can be competent in this post. Don't say that you don't have it. Even if you shake milk tea in the milk tea shop, you can also say that you have experience in the catering industry, and you are proficient in communication skills with users. Daily sales account for 80%.
    1.2 The interview must be the strategy
    The so -called strategy is to prepare and plan in advance, prepare in advance including understanding yourself, understanding of the company, the experience of the post, learning others, and practice in advance.
    This novices were confused at the beginning of the interview. They didn't know what HR wanted to know, what they were talking about, and they were finished, and they felt that they were finished. Other people do not pay attention to interviews because of their good academic performance, or they are unhappy and dare not interview.
    In fact, the past study experience is one thing. It is another thing to show whether it can be displayed to HR and which part to show HR.
    It is not a high -performance point, and the papers will definitely get a good offer; nor is it not high, and the papers can not get good offer.
    The key role in this is whether it is prepared in advance.
    1.3 The interview is a performance
    This to show your best side, don't be embarrassed, don't be shy, no matter what you are, pretend to be lively, cheerful and generous. This is not hypocritical, but the law of survival of social people. Believe me, no one likes the candidate who is sunny.
    1.4 The interview is a choice of mutual
    does not have a feeling of low people. The company is choosing you. You are also choosing a company. HR is also a worker. Treatment and work intensity can be asked generously, don't be shy!
    2. Tao: Prepare in advance
    2.1 Learn for your position
    Is in the process of our application, be sure to remind yourself "personnel matching" at all times.
    So the first step of the interview is to understand what the positions we want to apply for and what kind of employee it needs.
    The people who want to play such a person, and remember that I said that the interview was a performance?
    For example, I am now going to the marketing post of a biological company.
    It through common sense, we know that this post requires an exterior, a person who understands biological knowledge, and has strong communication skills.
    So during the interview, I will first let myself perform outward, smile, take the initiative to say hello, take out my good evidence of biology, and tell examples of my good communication with others.
    The knows about the confidant, be sure to understand your favorite position in advance.
    2.2 Increase your identity capital
    If it is a junior, the senior, the nodes such as Jianyi know what you want to do. Including professional skills training, company internships, and learning of entrepreneurial and professional books.
    It now many schools are not free to enter and exit, you can choose to do self -media, online internships, and so on. Use as much as possible to contact the nearest resources to accumulate your identity capital. Especially when college learns that you don't like the professional you want to switch, this is the best time.
    It, after reading the research, I found that I was not suitable for scientific research. I was more interested in promoting and marketing, but I did n’t have time to practice during the study of the postgraduate period. The account, later I described this experience as an internship. HR was very interested, and I also got more attention than others.
    It if you want to change the industry but do not have an internship, you can refer to the principle of 2.5 when answering questions.
    2.3 Learn yourself
    The things you think you think is great or not done during school. Such as: community experience, performance points, hobbies, entrepreneurial experience, first scores, etc.
    In the characteristics of matching the post in these experiences to prove that you can be competent.
    Outside-"I remembered the name of everyone in the first month when I started in college. And talk to everyone. Examples can be a little exaggerated, but don't mess up. /I often talk to strangers on the train very high.
    The good biology --- "The college entrance examination is two points full of scores; the university average is 92; the first place in a major is.
    These examples may not be used, but you need to prepare in advance and say fluent. Can be used in the question of self -introduction or response to HR.
    2.4 Highlight your flash point
    Perhaps you decide to change career when you graduate, maybe you did not get the internship during school, maybe your grades are flat.
    has nothing to do, you must have your flash point,
    The writing well, love reading, playing basketball, dancing, likes to go online, and become bloggers.
    You must have at least one thing, better than the people around you.
    But do n’t talk about your hobbies in the light of Baba, and cleverly combine your strengths with the job of applying for, which will have a better effect.
    , such as: I like to play basketball, I have been in contact with basketball since junior high school. The university is the president of the basketball club. He has played a few games and won the XX award. Playing basketball is not only a sports for me, but also to exercise my team collaboration. It is not enough to play a game that is not good at personal ability. Good team cooperation can even make up for the technical shortcomings (my specialty). And I applied for XX positions, and this position also pays great attention to teamwork (job needs). Therefore, I think I can be competent in this position in this regard.
    This point can enhance your personal charm in the interview and make you stand out from the interviewer of Yunyun.
    2.5 reminds HR at all times that you are suitable for this job
    Because the job I find is not completely counterpart, HR usually has doubts about my work ability. Therefore It will emphasize that my past study experience is very beneficial to the job.
    The follow when answering, "What do I do-what is the use of you-therefore, I think I can be competent for this position" principle.
    If I (biological majors) are applying for cosmetics company marketing posts.
    : What do your graduation subject do, can you simply summarize it?
    : We mainly study the effects of light signals on plant curl leaves. Barabala, from XX to XX, a signal pathway (what I did). Similar, I think compared to other candidates, my professional learning experience allows me Their products (what are the use of you). Therefore, I think I can be competent in this position.
    When answering questions, I emphasize that you are not only answering this question, but you also consider the post you are applying for. You have the ability to work, and your intention is enough!
    2.6 Simulation interview, rational logic
    It's simulation here is not to let you find someone as HR for simulation.而是自己在脑子里,想象一下面试场景,设想HR会问你什么问题,自己回答一遍,回答的时候一定要把逻辑理顺,遵循,我做了啥-对你们有什么用-因此,我Think of the principles of this post.
    This to tell your story in advance will make you be more at ease in the interview and have confident performance.
    2.7 Forgot to remember to lose, the relaxation will make you win a lot
    to the interview site, don't be nervous, everyone has taken photos, a serious shot is far from grabbing. It is also the same in the interview. The same performance must be the most relaxed and less nervous candidate, giving people a stronger feeling of resistance to pressure and stress.
    This, I felt deeply when I interviewed the trial association. At that time, I was a freshman who had incomplete counterparts, and my opponent had a postgraduate sister who had two years of counterpart work experience in Zhejiang University, 985 masterpiece, and there were fresh doctoral doctors. many. When I learned about the information outside the interview, I really wanted to return to the house, but I took an hour to the car before I arrived! It's too bad to go back like this. It is better to simulate as a free interview. You can also mix a free box lunch.
    So I adjusted my mentality before the interview, "I'm here to make soy sauce." I know the question of HR asks, and my competitors talk, but I am not nervous at all. Anyway, come to make soy sauce! After listening to the opponent's methodical conversation with HR, the pressure came to me. I thought so many people were embarrassed. It was better to lead him to his familiar topic. Because I am familiar with my own field, Sister HR is very beautiful and gentle, and I do n’t know how to talk about High. I convey to HR for the whole interview process. I know what inside, you can consider me. "Such information.
    Finally, in the list of differential examinations, I saw my own name! Although I did not make up for it in the end, this experience made me realize that the interview was not only professional ability, but the proportion of mentality and on -the -spot performance should not be underestimated.
    . My experience was during the period of 2020-Spring in 2021. Although the job search environment at that time was already poor, it seemed better than it is now. It's not easy to see the younger brother and sister who are looking for a job now! but! Difficulties will eventually pass, do not give up! It will definitely be dark! In the end, friends who saw this notes wereted for a few minutes in your life, and I wish you a smooth interview! Get satisfactory offer!

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