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  1. Keywords for catering service marketing thesis: Catering service marketing development trend Personalized service
    In the era of quality homogeneity in the catering industry, service marketing has become the most effective means for commercial organizations to create competitive advantages. The catering industry service marketing is to adopt a variety of strategies, integrate all positive factors inside and outside the restaurant, give full play to the advantages of the group, create business opportunities, and operate customers' needs, so that the existing resources are optimized to maximize the profit. So to some extent, today's business era is an era of serving the world. As a service industry, its products are services. The quality of service quality directly determines the quality of the hotel business. For the catering industry, service is a systematic project, including all elements and links of catering operations. With the development of society and the improvement of consumer consumption levels, consumers' consumption shows personalization and diversification trends. Consumers not only pay attention to the quality and characteristics of hotel food, but also attach importance to the spiritual satisfaction obtained from the consumption process.
    It's features of the catering industry, the final needs of its customer base are based on the quality of catering services. It is not difficult to imagine that a hotel room and room equipment are excellent hotels, but the catering service is a mess. Will its business conditions improve? Therefore, the catering industry in the new period should strengthen its core concept of "service marketing".
    Because from the perspective of customers, service marketing is conducive to attracting and retaining customers; from the perspective of waiter, service marketing is conducive to the improvement of the waiter's own understanding and correct work attitude, thereby promoting the improvement of the quality of catering services; From the perspective of leaders, service marketing is conducive to leaders to better use the advantages of our store, adjust the service strategy, win customers, and obtain maximum profits. In addition, leaders can also maximize the enthusiasm of employees in the store and solve their worries and ideological burdens, so as to achieve the effect of home and everything.
    In recent years, my country's catering industry has developed very quickly. According to statistics from relevant parties, the growth rate of the catering industry is more than ten percentage points higher than other industries. It can be said that my country is ushered in a period of great development in the catering industry. The market potential is huge and the prospects are very broad. But from another aspect, catering demand is complex and varied. Its consumption taste and consumer psychology may change with the changes in the social environment. Catering companies must see the development trend of the catering market according to their own conditions and environmental conditions, and choose appropriate marketing methods in order to succeed in fierce market competition. In this catering service marketing paper, the development characteristics of the future catering industry are roughly five aspects:
    . Take high -quality and efficient fast food roads
    The increase of urban life rhythm, the increase in the income level of residents The demand for fast food in the society is increasing, and fast food stores with high quality and low -efficiency high -efficiency and high -efficiency will be welcomed by the majority of residents. Mr. Qian Xuesen, a well -known scientist in China, once proposed that it should establish a fast food center in some major cities in my country to meet the needs of the masses with high efficiency and low cost operations, accelerate the pace of socialization of housework, promote my country in China economic development. In fact, many restaurants and various catering companies in all parts of my country have achieved good economic benefits by operating fast food business.
    . The mood and atmosphere of the marketing environment is stronger.
    The consumers in modern society often have a lot of emotional ingredients when consumer, and are easily affected by the environmental atmosphere. In diet, they don't pay much attention to the taste of food, but they pay great attention to the environment and atmosphere when eating. The environment for eating "sceneization" and "emotionalization" can better meet their emotional needs. Therefore, a considerable number of restaurants have worked a lot of effort to build the environment and create an atmosphere, trying to create various distinctive and attractive mood. Either novelty, or warm and romantic, quiet and elegant, or lively, or magnificent. Or small and exquisite. Some show the urban style, and some show the rural style. There are Chinese styles, as well as Western style, and more Chinese and Western walls. From the food environment to the famous shop name and dish name, you can enhance the eternal Yaxing and a warm person's feelings when you are too fast. The interior of the restaurant can also come to a strange creativity. For example, the number of tables and tables is replaced by tulip and red roses. The notice sign at the door of the business and preparations is cold and ruthless. If you are operating at 9 am in the shop at 9 am, please wait at 10 pm today, see you at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning, please forgive me. It makes people feel kind. Therefore, fast food restaurants and some large hotels with a good environment atmosphere have been welcomed by people.
    . Ecological agriculture, green food, and health care environment will be more valued by people
    In recent years, many insight at home and abroad have put forward a new explanation of the concept of health. Many catering companies have launched a series of promotional measures. For example, selling healthy recipes, introducing health information (such as providing health, sports -related magazines, or attached health clubs, yoga classrooms, or reflecting foreign sports videos, holding healthy recipe lectures, etc.), providing health facilities (such as setting 'massage massage The device''''Puctiler '', oxygen supply ', etc.), providing a healthy environment (such as smoking restaurant, etc.), etc., to adapt to changes and requirements in people's concepts.
    In recent years, the health role of medicated diet has been known by more and more people. The medicated restaurants are more and more open. High -fiber -rich fruits and fruits have no pollution and nutritious wild vegetables. The proportion of restaurant dishes has gradually expanded. The main dishes of the restaurant, high -fat and high -protein foods with high -fat foods. Because according to scientific analysis, high -fiber foods can play a role in reducing cholesterol, reducing cancer sufferings, and controlling blood sugar concentrations; and wild vegetables that have never been valued by restaurants are not polluted, safe and reliable, and are rich in hutable. Lobine, ascorbic acid, and nuclearin, which are good for healthy, have good medicinal value. According to analysis, the amaranth in wild vegetables has the purpose of spleen and water, hemostasis, and wolfberry has the functions of nourishing the liver nourishing and nourishing the kidneys, nourishing essence and aphrodisiac. The role of liver is clear. In the Nanjing area, wild vegetables have become an important part of citizens' tables, and restaurants have also adapted to changes in consumer demand for citizens, and have launched various precious wild vegetables. Fourth, attach importance to personalized, characteristic, and visual services
    As people's living standards increase, consumer demand will become increasingly personalized. This requires enterprises to pay attention to people's specific requirements. Consumption objects provide targeted services, and create a corporate image that meets the requirements of customers. Such as lover restaurants, fan restaurants, small cup restaurants, divorce restaurants, etc. From the perspective of modern consumers, when many people are doing some consumption, not only do consumer goods itself, but also the reputation of consumer goods and the image reflected by the goods, because the image has certain symbolic value, which can meet people's status and status of identity status The pursuit of other aspects can make people feel proud, or give people a kind of discussion and experience.
    . Pay attention to people's emotional life, social activities and other aspects of needs
    Emotional life is one of the basic needs of people. In recent years, a so -called "sensational" marketing method has emerged in the society. Stimulate and mobilize people's emotions through various measures to achieve the purpose of promotion. Many catering companies have also promoted service projects such as couple boxes, couples, couples, and couple barbecue. Or mobilize people's consumer desire to strengthen family reunion, friends' gatherings, parents and children's love, brothers and sisters, folks, classmates, etc. In publicity, it also emphasizes the characteristics of emotional services, and strives to highlight the consumer environment that is suitable for all kinds of emotional life. The food market is the basis of the catering industry, and an important reason for food is based on the needs of entertainment, such as weddings and funerals, business talks, emotional exchanges, friends gatherings, etc., people need to seek a better environmental atmosphere, more thoughtful service , A more formal place and richer diet.
    It the most important thing in the marketing papers of the catering service service is its four "attach importance to personalized, specialized, and visualized services." The individualization of the service referred to in the catering service marketing papers can collect, sort out and classify resources for target customers, and concentrate the advantages of providing high -quality services for target customers. Only personalization can form a brand effect and make enterprises develop greatly. In the implementation of service innovation, refined and personalized services should be achieved: 1. Strengthen the strong service awareness of all staff. Hotel operators should attach great importance to the significance of services. While grasping the characteristics and quality of food, we must strengthen the diversified management of service. It is necessary to strengthen education and training, establish a harmonious and warm hotel corporate culture, and allow each employee to have a strong sense of responsibility, honor, and belonging in order to establish a strong sense of service and do a good job of service from me. 2. Research on consumer service needs and innovate service content. Concentrate to study consumer consumption psychology, and can timely discover new needs of consumers' services. It is necessary to strengthen communication with consumers and understand the needs and satisfaction of consumers from communication.

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