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  1. After reading a name, I believe that everyone's gains must be a lot. It is time to take out the time to write after writing. Is there no way to write or clue? The following is 500 words after reading the "cabin on the grassland" I compiled. Welcome to share it.
    "The cabin on the grassland" feels 500 words. 1 "The cabin on the grassland" is written: Dad, Mom, Laura, Mary, Little Carin, and Jack drove all the way from the big forest all the way all the way all the way all the way to Traveling to the Grand Prairie in Kansas and covered the cabin. Although they have experienced various difficulties: the siege of the wolves, the Indians broke into the house, the sudden hot and cold virus and the fierce forest fire, the life of the prairie also brought unexpected happiness to the family. For example: Singing birds, witty rabbits and mice, friendly neighbors, mysterious Christmas gifts, unlimited fun of opening wasteland ... The family lives a happy life. In the end, due to the continuous harassment of the Indians, they only reluctantly left the warm and comfortable cabin, and they started the life of the pioneer in the carriage.
    "The cabin on the grassland" I like the characters in. First of all, Dad is the master of the family. He is very hardworking. After arriving in the prairie, he was pulling wood and covering a small wooden house for several days, and then built a fireplace, flooring, digging wells, and farming land. Dad was brave. Dad was to protect When the family was surrounded by the wolves, they had been staring at the wolf group; the father was also very gentle. When the mother's feet were injured, the mother helped the mother into the tent and burned the water to let the mother put the swollen feet in the hot water.
    Then mother, the mother was calm when the Indians broke into the house and did not fight with them. In the end, Laura and Xiaochen, they were all obedient and helped adults to do things. I also like puppy Jack. When I left the prairie and crossed the river, everyone thought it was lost, but it could find the owner by itself.
    I. After reading "The cabin on the grassland", I understand that people must help each other. Be a good and sensible good child.
    "The cabin on the grassland" feels 500 words after reading. 2 I like the book "The cabin on the grassland".
    "The cabin on the grassland" mainly said that a long time ago, the father, mother, Mary, Laura, Carly Baby and their pet dog Jack, because I did not like to see hunters to kill animals in the forest Cruel scene, so it was decided to move to the Indian immigration area. On the road, Dad changed two old horses with exhausted two old horses on the road; he kept looking for a place to camping until it reached a large grassland, the family stopped, and they decided to live here here. It's right. As a result, Dad started building a house, repaired the fireplace, made wooden doors, and the window ... He also met Uncle Scott and Mr. Edwardz. Of course, so many processes are not completed within a few days. The family of five of their family members complete the various processes of settlement on the grassland while living. Unfortunately, later, because the Indians wanted to drive them out, the family of five got on the carriage and started to find a new home on the way ...
    He can do exquisite and practical, and all house tools on the prairie are decorated by father. He was also very brave. When he rode a pony to send to patrol around, he encountered wolves, because his father's cleverness, his dad and the faction were not eaten by the wolf group. There are girls Laura and Mary. Laura is very naughty and Mary is very kind. Their mother is a good mother who is a clever, compliant with etiquette.
    "The small wooden house on the grassland", Wyd, used the easy -to -understand writing, launched a picture of a family of five in the prairie. I like this book very much, how about you?
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" feels 500 words 3 in the last page of "The cabin on the grassland". "The cabin on the grassland" is a classic of the famous American writer Roland. According to her own growth experience, she completed this masterpiece for ten years. After various difficulties and dangers, the family has always maintained a strong and optimistic spirit. They are not afraid of long -distance travel, they are not afraid of rebuilding the house, they are not afraid of being threatened by wolves ... small stories like pearls and crystal clear and touching. The books also write each character very vividly: Charles, who is uncomfortable and cares about his family; the hard -working, brave Carloin mother; uncle Edward, who is humorous and friendly; The loved little baby Lin Lin; there is a peaceful and peaceful peace; Aje, who is loyal and obedient ... The living figures make me immerse in the story for a long time to feel this strong and happy family, from them On my body, I know that persistence is hopeful and victory. When a person encounters difficulties, he should not be afraid, but to face and solve it bravely, so that people will progress and society will develop.
    Lan family cherishes little happiness, defeating difficulties with optimism, creating life with diligence, and a hard environment full of laughter. Yes, happiness is by our side, see if we will cherish it -early morning, my mother got up a bowl of soy milk that was grinded earlier for you; it rained, the raincoat sent by my dad to the rain; winter After, grandma's thick sweater hit you one by one ... In fact, we wrap happiness every day, and we should know how to cherish it.
    No matter how difficult your life is, as long as the Roland family cherishes happiness, you will feel happy!
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" After reading, 500 words. , I like it very much.
    This This book mainly describes the Laura family who leaves the Wisconsin Forest, drove a carriage, and experienced the story of moving to the Grasson Prairie. The Laura family was a microcosm of the first generation of Western Pioneer at that time. Their family lived on the picturesque grassland, but there were always threats and dangers. They are not afraid of the burning fire of the burning fire. They are not afraid of rebuilding the house. They are not afraid of being threatened by wolves ... They overcome all difficulties with their actions and wisdom.
    . After reading this book, I deeply felt the strong will and perseverance of the Laura family. They have experienced ordinary people who cannot experience it. They have been hurt in the middle, but they did not cry and did not give up. They chose to be strong. Although their lives were hard, the humble cabin was full of love. Full of happiness.
    Now we have taken care of grandparents from a young age, the care of parents, and also lived in a spacious and bright house, eating nutritious meals, wearing beautiful clothes, and snacks that can be eaten at any time. However, whenever we encounter difficulties, it is easy to give up. We have one less belief, a kind of firmness, and the spirit that never gives up.
    and this book tells us the truth that no matter what difficulties are encountered, we must have love, firm belief, and determination to persist in the end. I believe that if you can do this well Can succeed.
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" is 500 words. The most famous one. The author was born in the pioneer family of Wisconsin, central United States. He followed his parents to extend the waste since he was a child. He lived in immigration. He started children's literary creation at the age of 65 and wrote nine self -vocal novels. "Wooden House" series.
    "The cabin on the grassland" with Laura herself experienced the family's leaving the Wisconsin Forest, driving a tent car through the endless grassland, sleeping on the grassland, covering wooden houses, repairing fireplaces, digging, digging The story of the well .... They live in a beautiful and warm wooden house, and bravely overcome all the difficulties encountered with wisdom and actions.
    I I like the characters in the book: there are a pair of clever and singing father Charles; lively and cute Laura. I also like the description of the landscape in the book: "The high weeds on the grassland are covered on the vast and empty ground. The earth is huge sky, and the earth and the sky are connected in the distance of the eyes. , Shining dazzling light. There is a touch of pink in the sky, the pink is yellow, the yellow is blue, and the colorless sky is on the blue. The wind is sang in a low voice. "It has given me more inspiration than any book.
    I I like "The cabin on the grassland". It tells us in the simple language, vivid stories, and twists and turns. Persistence is victory.
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" After reading, the book "500 words 6" The cabin on the grassland "is not only rich in content, but also makes me feel deeply. When reading this book, sometimes I smile slightly, and sometimes I will sometimes laugh. Cryingly, I got a lot of knowledge and education from it.
    The author is: Roland Ingle. This book describes the story of the pioneering story of the western grassland. The hard life of the Huaide family is not afraid of the hard work of the long distance. Pearls are crystal clear, vivid and touching. The book also wrote each character very vividly: there are optimistic and cheerful, only look up, and do not look down. Mr. Edward, a friendly, quiet and sensible sister, Mary; there are lovely little babies Lin Lin; there are loyal and obedient `dogs Jack ... living characters have been immersed in the story for a long time to feel this strong and happy, happy and happy The family, from them, let me know that persistence is hopeful and victory. When a person encounters difficulties, he should not be afraid, but to face it bravely and solve it. Only to develop. Although their lives are hard, the humble cabin is full of love and happiness. They feel extremely warm. Many of our generations, many people lived in their clothes to reach out, but they were not satisfied. Many people do not know the hardships of their parents, the hardships of their parents, the hard work of their parents, the hard -earned money, arbitrarily waste, do not save money, and do not care about their parents' bodies. The book "The cabin on the cabin". After reading this book, you will gain a lot, you can appreciate the mood of "goodness under the big tree", and you will also know how to cherish it. Everything you currently have.
    I Happiness is a sweet word. It is not on the other side, just by our side. Happiness is not easy, so we need to cherish and cherish happiness. It is equivalent to cherishing life. A cherishment of happiness will feel happiness.
    "The cabin on the grassland" After reading 500 words, I recently read a book called "The cabin on the grassland". This book tells the large forest where the Laura family left their lives because of the pursuit of ideal life, took the cars and set off in the west. On the way, they overcome all kinds of difficulties, finally came to the prairie safely and lived in the prairie. When they encountered all kinds of dangers, they survived together.
    This that impressed me the most: the Laura family met a rushing stream, the family was united, and with the efforts and persistence of the horses of the tent car, finally the canopy and the family spent peacefully safely. stream. It rained a few days before Christmas, and finally rained the day before Christmas, but because the rain increased the water level of the stream and the stream was fierce, Laura and Mary felt very disappointed because the water level was too high in Santa Claus. Come, so they can't receive gifts. But the neighbors they knew helped them live a pleasant Christmas. He bought gifts from the street and gave Mary and Laura. The two of them were very happy.
    I like the dad and Laura in Laura's family very much. I learned from my father to be capable, brave and optimistic. He has a very clever hand to make exquisite furniture. When he was in danger, he always rushed to the front to protect the safety of the family.
    . Laura is a sensible, questioning question, and full of childlike girls. As soon as she encountered something she didn't understand, she always had to ask a lot of questions. She likes all things in nature, she is playing with fish and imagining stars ... she is full of innocence.
    I think this book is very interesting: the closeness of the family and nature, and the warm feelings between neighbors, all of which make me deeply like it.
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" felt 500 words after reading. 8 I calmed down, and once again entered the "small wooden house", entered the world of Roland, and was deeply moved again.
    "The small wooden house on the grassland", what a simple book and a simple story! The protagonist Roland's family left the Wisconsin Grand Forest and migrated to the Kansas Prairie in a tent, and began a hard pioneering life. When moving, Roland had a thrilling rising river. After arriving at the prairie, they also encountered the Indians, and were surrounded by wolves, grassland fires, and fever. In the small wooden house covered by himself, a sweet time was spent on the grassland. On that difficult day, the Roland world was always full of dad's violin sound and mother's gentle smile. The sound of the piano and the smile made this family full of love and hope.
    I. After reading this book, I admire the spirit of the Roland's family who is not afraid of hardships, and I am ashamed of a degenerate behavior that I encounter difficulties in my life. In the cold winter, I don't want to climb out of the warm quilt every morning, nostalgic for the warm quilt; in my studies, when I encounter a problem, I can't figure out Think from another angle; when we are cleaned, I am afraid that the sanitation of the toilet is dirty and smelly.
    It carefully think that the troubles in our lives are nothing more than some small setbacks, not to mention that when we encounter problems in our studies, some teachers smile and analyze it for us; when we encounter difficulties in our lives, we have parents Smiling and sharing us; when we have conflicts with our classmates, there are also friends who talk to us with a smile. In fact, we are always surrounded by smiles and love.
    don't complain about too much hardships in life, don't complain about too much twists and turns in life. Smile like this, face setbacks, and accept happiness. Hemingway said: "A person can be destroyed, but you can't be defeated!" The difficulties are only temporary. When you are in trouble, let us smile and walk over.
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" After reading 500 words, I always have many extra -curricular books in the summer vacation. Among them, I like to read science fiction. One day, holding "The cabin on the grassland" in his hand was not interested in it. But when I opened the first page, I was deeply attracted by this book, and I read the book like swallowing jujube. The contents inside make me have an endless aftertaste.
    . Their family, Dad Charles is responsible, clever, calm and guilty, her mother Caroline is perseverance. She is very severe to the child and pays great attention to educating children. Laura is a naughty, cute little little Girl, she is cheerful, lively, loved, and brave. Mary is a quiet and well -behaved girl. She is obedient and sensible. She often gets praise from others, a little timid.
    I see my father Charles' soul, brave and calm. He would take the house, and the cabin was sturdy, beautiful, and complete. Once, he returned from an independent town and brought gifts to everyone in the family. Only he did not, because he thought that his family was happy and he was happy. When he faced the wolves alone, he was not panicked and calmly. He walked "leisurely" in the horse and successfully got rid of the wolves. He provoked the burden of the whole family and did not complain at all. When he knew that the soldiers were coming, he decisively took his family to leave the prairie that lived for a year, and left the prairie where they worked hard for a year.
    I I like Mr. Edwardz's enthusiasm. He disappointed Mary and Laura, pretending that Santa Claus asked him to bring Christmas gifts to Mary and Laura, and accompanied the Laura family to spend a fulfilling and happy Christmas!
    I admiring my mother Caroline's will. When her feet were injured by wooden boards, she endured the pain and said to her family that "it doesn't matter" shows that her mother leaves the pain to herself in order not to let her family worry, and not let her husband blame her because of this.
    Irlades in this book, the Laura family used its own actions and wisdom to interpret the concept of "happy life needs".
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" feels 500 words nearly a section of nearly one section. My mother and I read books. Although her book is small and thin, mine is a thick and large book, but I passed 2 after 2 On the week's efforts, I finally read this book.
    The protagonist of this book is Mary's family. The main thing is about their life in the west. They first lived in the car shed, and later built a small wooden house on the prairie. Live, but the Indians often want to drive them away, but Dad believes that the Indians are good. Finally, because Mr. Scott and Mr. Edwardz are going to the south, they have to leave the cabin and go far away to the distant Go to the south. I am most impressed by the Indians, because they basically do not wear clothes, the color of the body is heavy, there are bird feathers on my head, and there are many decorations on my body. I am surprised by the image of the Indians. Hunting in the prairie, living a very happy life.
    The protagonist of this book is Mary and Roland. They are all lively little girls. For example, when a dad goes to the independent market to buy things, they are sleepy, but they do not want to sleep. When they felt again, they sat in the chair and waited for their dads to come back, and suddenly they scared them into the bed. Who knew that their stools were poured. Because they were too sleepy, the mother did not tell them, so the mother did not tell them, so the mother did not tell them. Later, Dad returned, and she yelled happily: "Dad! Dad!" Dad came back from the outside, so Roland no longer disturbed his dad, because he knew that he would take a good rest, so she quietly in bed Lie, waiting for Dad.
    Is when I read this chapter "Farewell Grassland", I want to cry when I read it. I thought in my heart: they must be as sad as me at that time, because: I feel so warm , A comfortable cabin, just abandoned it. I still want to take a look at their cabin again. Don't they want to look at it again?
    I like this book very much. I want to persevere and read a little more book!
    "The cabin on the grassland" 500 words 11 "The cabin on the grassland" is the most representative work in the cabin series series. Created at the age of 63. In the second grade, I took the borrowing from Yu Yinzhi. Teacher Zhang was recommended by Teacher Zhang in the winter vacation, and quickly ran to the bookstore to buy it back carefully.
    The story tells the expectations of expanding a new life. Moms and dads with Roland and sister Mary and Baby Linlin, who are less than seven years old, left the big forest with a caravan. They pass the state of Minnesota and Missouri. Drive through the icing river; crossing the stream to the prairie; set up a hut and settled near the independent town. Dad reclaimed the wasteland and hunting, and the family resisted the attack of the wolf together; escaped the grassland fire;
    Ixie the hunting dog in this book the most, because Jack is very smart: it will be hunting and will resist the attack of the wolf group and protect the family; Finding the smell left by the family and finding the master is too loyal!
    I I like Dad very much. Because Dad is very, very capable, there is almost no thing he can't do: After moving to the Prairie, Dad cut some trees for his family to make a very simple, sturdy, solidly resistant to the wind and rain; Dad can hunt, and the meat can be eaten. , Finemake accumulates to exchange daily necessities in the town; Dad will also pull the violin. When Dad is idle, he will pull up the violin. In the melodious sound of the piano, the sisters and sisters sings, dance, laugh, happy, happy Extremely ...
    read this book, and I seemed to have come to the prairie, tasted the fragrant corn cake that my mother branded; heard the sound of my dad's melodious piano; I also saw the ferocious Indians, and appreciated it. I appreciated it. The beautiful scenery of the prairie ...
    I like this book!
    "The cabin on the grassland" 500 words 12 words 12 only those brave calf can survive the darkness and usher in light.
    —————————— I read this summer vacation, I read "The cabin on the grassland", and its author is a famous American writer Lola. Ings. Huaide, this book tells many people who want to go to the west of the Great West after the Northern and Southern War of the United States. The Laura family is the first batch of pioneers to the west of the Atlantic. In the end, this family overcome difficulties, and finally came to the beautiful grassland, the western part of the big part of the big, and began to build their cabin there. Their life was so difficult and so tired. They were besieged by the wolves. It was frightened by the snake and was bullied by the Indians, but the Laura family overcame various difficulties with action and wisdom.
    It finished this book, I deeply feel the will and perseverance of the Laura family. Their experience is very painful and hurts on the way, but they did not cry and did not give up. Words. Although their lives are difficult, this humble cabin is full of love and full of happiness, so that Laura feels full of happiness.
    In from this book, I understand that I know in the face of adversity and difficulties, don't be afraid, and bravely face and overcome all kinds of difficulties. I thought that this year, we encountered the disaster of the "new coronary virus". In this epidemic war, there was a national hero who was not afraid of death as "Zhong Nanshan". Police, community personnel, etc., because they are not afraid of difficulties and face it bravely, in the end we win the great victory of this war.
    Thank you for "The cabin on the grassland". It made me understand: in the face of difficulties, never shrink back, and face it bravely and calmly. Too dark, usher in light, achieve the final success!
    "The cabin on the grassland" feels 500 words after reading. 13 Roland family has embarked on a journey to the western prairie in order to peace and beautiful life. Pictures: Crossing the glacier, the flow of flow, the wolf group, the grassland fire, and the Indians, as well as the beautiful starry sky, moonlight, bonfire, and the cabin on the grassland made of hard work and wisdom.
    The most impressive is that the day before Christmas, when Roland and Mary quickly changed from disappointment to despair, my father's friend Mr. Edward came. He said: I saw Santa Claus. The stream rose to the rough water. Santa Claus was too fat and too old to swim, and I was thin and young, so I asked me to bring the Christmas gift. what! There are tin cups, sugar sticks, exquisite heart -shaped cakes, and brilliant coins! Dad held Mr. Edward's shivering hand, and his mother was busy roasting sweet potatoes and turkey. Roland and Mary used new cups to drink fruit juice. Everyone ate a delicious meal together and lived a happy Christmas! Mr. Edward woven a colorful dream for Roland and Mary with his kind and beautiful soul.
    Also, Dad encountered a group of wolves deep in the grassland, more than 50! Dad rode Patty slowly walking in the wolves, so that he was attacked by the wolf group. After the wolves left, they quickly passed through the prairie and went home safely. At night, the group of wolves came again, and Dad kept standing by the window with guns. Fortunately, a group of wild deer brought away the wolves, and the cabin recovered peace and peace. What a calm and brave dad!
    Igly, brave, strong and optimistic dad, simple and friendly mother, humorous and enthusiastic Mr. Edward ... are all our good example.
    Now us through the storm, see the world, and be a real self!
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" has a variety of books after reading 500 words 14 Xinhua Bookstore. As soon as I entered the bookstore, I ran to the elementary school. I was dazzling to watch a variety of books, but when I saw "The cabin on the grassland". I was attracted by it. Shouldn't the grassland be a Mongolian bag? How can it become a cabin?

    Mere home and take a look: It turned out to be the small wooden house in the forest where the protagonist Laura and Laura had lived for a long time. Instead, a cabin was built on the grassland. Many interesting things happened in the small wooden house on the grassland. Let them make many friends who are willing to help them and take care of them. Get true love and friendship.
    "The cabin on the grassland" tells me some knowledge in life. How to deal with difficulties. For example, we will encounter difficulties in learning. There are many questions that can't be done in books, so how should we understand. It's like making small wooden houses. After encountering the wolf group, two strong doors were built after building the fireplace, covering the roof floor. Come step by step. Solve the problem after you encounter a problem. For example: I encountered questions that I couldn't do in my studies. First, I can find some information myself, I can only understand it myself; I also have to remember to remember the topic by myself, so that I will do it in the future. Also, if the exam is over, assuming that the grades are not good, we must first reflect on why we do wrong. When the teacher commented, we listened carefully, copied the wrong question on your own book, and then asked the parents or teachers on your own book. Several questions, until the right. You can also select a few words in the book in other knowledge topics such as basic knowledge. Of course, you can also buy a few information books to take a look at training. This is also a good way.
    Readed this book, I learned a lot of life skills and knowledge of nature, and the hardships and happiness of life!
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" After reading 500 words 15, I read the "cabin on the grassland" written by American writer Laura. There are gentle and considerate mothers in the text, hard -working and wise father, strong brave Laura, lively and cheerful Linlin, and loyal dogs -Jack and enthusiastic Mr. Edward.
    This story mainly tells Laura, his parents, Mali, and baby Linlin, waving goodbye to the Wisconsin Forest, sitting on a tent car, and moving towards the west. Along the way, they traveled mountains and waded the mountains and survived the sinister Midbeni River. During Duhe, his father and horses were almost washed away by the river. Laura's most beloved dog, Jack, almost drowned and experienced many difficulties. They came to the prairie. On the grassland, they have encountered the Indians, surrounded by wolf dogs, grassland fires and fever, but in the end, they still lived in the wooden house covered by his father's own hand, and had a section of hunting on the grassland to hunt as Sweet time.
    In after reading this book, the vivid plot is vivid: when a chimney is on fire, the baby Lin Lin is sleeping in her mother's arms. Without a fire, a fire fell down, and fell under Mali's skirt. Mali was so scared that Mali didn't dare to move. Laura saw it, and didn't think about it. He quickly picked up the wooden stick and threw it into the stove. Then pull the rocking chair back. Seeing this, I was deeply moved by Laura's actions. What a strong and brave girl! She reminded me of myself in my life. I remembered once. I was reading in the room. Suddenly, a cockroach climbed out, and I screamed. I am really ashamed than Laura!
    The loyal dogs often moved me. Whenever my father arrived in the town, Jack guarded the door all night, protecting the little owner, lying down without lying, not sleeping, and looking around, not let anyone come in until the owner obeyed until the owner obeyed from the owner until the owner obeyed from the owner until the owner obeyed it until the owner obeyed it until the owner obeyed it until the owner obeyed it until the owner obeyed it until the owner obeyed it until the owner obeyed it until the owner obeyed it until the owner obeyed it until the owner obeyed it until the owner obeyed it until the owner obeyed it until the owner went from the owner from the from the owner. Come back in the town.
    This book makes me understand: In life, we should not be afraid of difficulties, we must dare to struggle!

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