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  1. Mechanical majors are a professional and general majors. In addition to learning basic courses, computers, electronics, electrical, physics, chemistry, materials, etc. must be learned. During college, at least you must master one or two computer languages ​​to achieve the degree of proficiency in programming; proficient in the design principle of electronic components and integrated circuits; the design principle of electrical circuit design; proficient in organic chemical knowledge. If you do not have the principles of computer programming, electronic and electrical equipment, and rich organic chemistry knowledge, you do not study carefully. With rich theoretical knowledge, no matter what industry in the future, it will be invincible. In addition to learning well, career planning is very important. It is necessary to play a good trilogy to develop greater development.

    It stable, guaranteed, rushing
    After entering the work unit, since the salary and treatment have been talked about, work with peace of mind. Do not compare with others. , People are most afraid of care, and lose half. The first thing to do is to stabilize, learn from experienced colleagues with an open mind, and do not ask if they are workers or engineers, they have rich experience. The mechanical industry not only requires theoretical knowledge, practice is very important, and it can be clever.
    The second is guarantee. Just leave the school gate without experience, and the unit cannot let you take the heavy responsibility. If you have time, talk about a romantic love! Finding the target early and early births, early stability, and early stability, which will help you in the future. If you have a child at the age of 25 and your 40 -year -old children go to college, you can have a 20 -year golden career. If you have a child at the age of 30, it may be your busiest when you are the busiest, taking care of your child and busy with your career. You will definitely be burnt, bother with your mind and mind, and affect your career development.
    The third is the rushing, the rushing is the career. It is the best golden period for learning technology within three years after graduation. The combination of university knowledge and work practice. Some people will give it a little guidance. Most of the smart graduates will master key technologies, and salary will be greatly improved. Once you master the key technologies, no matter what positions you will be transferred in the future, it will be a fast check to return to the technical position, and it will not be nothing. If you are studying in the technology field, you can become a well -known figure in the industry around 30 years old.
    The transfer, inheritance, convergence
    . If you find that the industry is really downturn after a few years of work, wages continue to decline, and you cannot maintain life. At this time, you can consider the transfer. Taking into account the related industry as much as possible, the professional span is not large. After a period of training, the industry can be achieved. Machinery majors can cover 60%of the industrial industry, and you can't worry about finding a good job.
    The is just at work. No matter how busy with the work, take time to calm down, constantly learn the latest technologies, and learn new technologies, new discoveries, and new progress related to this major through self -learning, professional training methods. In addition to the work of this profession, most of them participate in other professional work, such as helping electrical engineers draw pictures, install electrical equipment, and learn from professional knowledge. Don't complain that it is not a matter of yourself, your purpose is to learn.
    The integration is integration, induction, and summary. A person is busy with work for a long time, and it is very easy to get into a situation of busyness. As a result, it seems that everything can do nothing. At this time, you should find time to summarize the previous work. In this way, it will be much easier to work in the future. Many drawings can be used for other projects after modification. If you save a lot of time, you have the opportunity to do other things. Your life takes off.
    Lianlian, Ti, Camp
    When you worked in an industry for ten years and eight years, the technology should be very mature. At this time, the second half of your life is exhausted and no one sympathizes. At this time, it should be couplet. The United States fully expands the connections without affecting the work. It cooperates more with others. There are too many products in the machinery industry, but the general sales are difficult. If the connections are extended, and the sales of related manufacturers will be used for sales. After a few orders, there will be a lot of income, and you can earn a lot of external fast.
    While vigorously expanding its business, it is also necessary to enhance their popularity in the industry. No matter what industry is, it is easy to make money. Although it is important to say that "the wine is not afraid of the alley" and the word of mouth is important, but often in front of everyone, it is easy for others to think of you. There are more business and natural income increase. If you have a good reputation, you will ask you to consult the design, and there will be many additional income.
    If you have a certain amount of funds, you can consider running a factory. Let's start with your familiar industries step by step. Don't be greedy for more and make brand reputation. Enterprises can soon become bigger and stronger.

  2. Nowadays, the engineering market is not good, but the technical market is still good. In addition, chemical industry and biological categories are more bleak than mechanical categories. Although the mechanical majors do not have computers, electronic, and the prospects of the management of the pipelines are so good, but for the prospects of the management of the pipeline, but for the prospects of the professionalism, it is so good, but for the prospect of the professionalism, but for the prospects of the management of the management, it is so good, but for the prospects of the management of the management, it is so good. Some fake liberal arts majors, as well as the medical 5 3 3 n program, the ice period of agriculture and forestry. In this way, although machinery is insufficient than computers, it is still more than a professional.
    It, most of the respondents talk about salary. It is also right. Aside from regional salary, it is a hooligan. In fact, most of the environment for the mechanical industry is still second- and third -tier cities.
    The salary of the computer major in the provincial capital (second line, national central city) is about 6000
    It undergraduate graduates of some enterprises in the machinery industry can give 4000/5000

  3. First, the employment direction of the professional engineering professional

    Analysis: ① Enter the relevant national departments, research institutes, colleges and universities, enterprises, and high -tech companies to apply for various mechanical and electrical software The research, design and manufacturing of automatic control systems and equipment of the product and electromechanical control system, such as: the design, manufacturing, development, testing and research work of high -tech products and systems such as industrial robots, micro -electromechanical systems, and intelligent devices.

    ② engaged in the industry:

    It after graduation, it is mainly working in industries such as machinery, instruments, new energy, etc. R n

    1, mechanical/equipment/heavy work

    2, instrument/industrial automation

    3, new energy

    4 , Electronic technology/semiconductor/integrated circuit

    5, car and spare parts

    6, other industries

    7, computer software

    8, raw materials and processing

    Ixunable positions.
    ③ After graduation, I mainly engage in mechanical engineers, senior mechanical engineers, structural engineers, etc., as follows:

    1, mechanical engineer

    2 , Senior mechanical engineer

    3, structural engineer

    4, automated mechanical engineer

    5, electrical engineer
    6, mechanical design engineer

    7, assistant mechanical engineer

    8, mold engineer


    ④ After graduation, there are many employment opportunities in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other cities, as follows:

    1, Shanghai
    2, Shenzhen

    3, Dongguan

    4, Suzhou

    5, Guangzhou
    6, Beijing
    7, Hangzhou, Hangzhou

    8, Wuhan

    ⑤ Analysis of employment prospects for mechanical engineering majors: With the economic prosperity, a large number of mechanical engineers and technicians who have received special training in manufacturing and service industries have been required.

    Although new technology leads to automation and computerization of production procedures, most procedures related to industrial operations and instrument production are still based on mechanical principles.

    In view of the development of various industries in the direction of high -tech, the needs of mechanical and technical personnel at all levels will continue to grow.

  4. In fact, the machinery is not as miserable as some people say. There are many kinds of mechanical work. See which way you finally go. Because I do n’t know what departments and positions will be engaged in in the future, most people watch the company's recruitment to choose. As a result, I did n’t learn anything after three or five years, or the salary is not high.

    In the best way to know what the post prospects and treatment you choose. The simplest and direct way is to search for the number of recruitment and salary of jobs on the recruitment website, which can be displayed directly. If the job opportunities are small and the salary is low, then give up.

    At present, the general direction of society is still in artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, and Internet plus. After all, the country is subsidizing this aspect, so it looks at it.

  5. My own feeling is that the prospect of the machinery industry is not bleak, but the future is bright. Especially in the past few years, European and American countries have been suppressing various industries in our country, which more reflects the importance of our mechanical manufacturing industry.
    In some people think that the mechanical industry has low income, and the facts are lower than the income of computer graduates, and it is even lower than the income of various staff who do not need cultural levels such as Didi drivers. This is a fact, but I think this is temporary. As the eyes of all sectors of society have shifted to the machinery manufacturing industry. As the country's various policies transfer to the machinery manufacturing industry, I believe that the income treatment of personnel in the machinery industry will be treated. As higher and higher, of course, the quality requirements of these personnel will become higher and higher.

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