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  1. 1. Get a large number of fans entering the group. Online: With the expansion of existing resources in the group, members of the group encourage members in the group to pull new into the group. Offline: The operator can be pushed and cooperated with the physical store.

    2. Digging accurate fans. In the group, merchants can send red envelopes to attract everyone's attention, and then set up scenes to attract customers with demand to ask. It is also possible to do activities. A variety of activities such as praise and voting can be designed. Customers who are interested in products will naturally take the initiative to contact and communicate with merchants.

    3. Convert fans to customers. Some customers are potential customers. Although the current identity is the role of fans, it can be recognized through the marketing of merchants. When the customer understands through a certain period of time, it will know the advantages of the product and produce the desire to buy. Merchants can also take the initiative to communicate with customers, establish friendship relationships, and then transform fans.

    4. Maintaining customers to promote their repurchase products. There are many good ways to maintain customers, encourage customers to run members, or join accurate shopping groups, so that they can manage customers. Regular feedback and interactive communication is indispensable, and customers often see promotional activities here, so it is normal to generate repurchase behavior. Merchants can set up a 100 -lit activity, or set up a member day to promote sales.

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