Why is Luxi chemical stock popular? Luxi Chemical Corporation's financial statements? When can Luxi Chemical be thrown?

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  1. The chemical industry is a kind of strong cycle industry, and its sector's stock price is clearly reflected. This is what many investors like. As the leader of the chemical industry, Luxi Chemical is naturally sought after by many investors. In this article, I will lead you to understand the Luci Chemical today.

    Prior to formal analysis of Luxi Chemical, you can take a look at the list of leading stocks in the chemical industry, and you can view the little finger poke to view: Treasure information! The chemical industry leader column table

    . From the perspective of the company,

    It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August of the year. The company's main business is the chemical industry and chemical engineering industry. The main products include polycarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, and 己amide. After more than 20 years of cultivation, Luxi Chemical has continuously expanded the industry, and has gradually developed into a comprehensive chemical enterprise integrating new chemical materials, basic chemical industry, fertilizer, equipment manufacturing and technology research and development.

    It, let's take a look at what is extraordinary in Luxi Chemical!

    In highlights: The brand advantage is obvious, with a high degree of awareness

    Thentes have accumulated a good brand reputation, and at the same time Established the image of leading enterprises in the chemical industry.

    It, in recent years, the company has also carried out great efforts to promote brand promotion through CCTV and local TV media, which further increased the company's popularity and laid a solid foundation for expanding the company's business.

    In highlights: The prices of the main products continue to rise. Optimistic about the company's future development

    As the epidemic continues to improve, the demand for chemical products is gradually recovering. In particular, international oil prices are particularly higher than before, and this has also greatly increased the prices of various chemical raw materials compared to before.

    It, especially tanxinol and organic amine. The price has been so high for the first time in recent decades, contributing to performance outstanding, and realizing net profit of 1.544 billion yuan and 322 million yuan, respectively. These main products have continuously improved the price, and the company's profitability has also been improved.

    The is restrained by space, more in -depth reports and risk tips of Luxi Chemical, have specific interpretation in the research report, and directly click the link: [Deep Research Report] Luxi Chemical Comment, it is recommended to collect collection, it is recommended to collect collection. Intersection

    . From the perspective of the industry,

    2021, under the circumstances of the acceleration of vaccines and abundant liquidity, the demand for clothing, food, housing and transportation at home and abroad The rise is extremely obvious, and the supply of chemical products is less than demand. In particular, the international oil prices have increased significantly, which has promoted the increase in demand for various chemical products.

    The on business income, 380 listed companies in the chemical industry in the first half of 2021 are growing in operating income, accounting for 91.8%. It can be seen from this data that the new wave of the chemical industry is coming!

    In overall, all kinds of chemical products are closely related to our daily life. As the epidemic continues to improve, the demand for chemicals at home and abroad will continue to rise continuously. Therefore, I think that Luxian's work is a leading company in the chemical industry that can take this shareholder to achieve further development.

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