WeChat public account appointment, how to open the online appointment function simply implementation

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  1. Everyone has seen the WeChat public platform appointment system, especially during the current epidemic period, using the WeChat appointment system software made by the public account, which can not only make customers conveniently customers, but also we can immediately collect customers' reservations as the store.订单信息,能节约彼此的时间,提升预定的高效率,下边大家一起来看一下微信公众平台预定系统软件如何做的,如今有许多店面必须采用微信公众平台预定系统软件,比如门诊,理发店、 The restaurant, etc., must be allowed to start a reservation. It has no need to promote offline promotion and establish a powerful WeChat appointment system software. It can immediately allow customers to develop reservations on the WeChat public account. It allows us to book the time of the store according to the time of the store settings, be able to pay the deposit online, how to make the WeChat appointment system software is the requirements of many stores, so how to make an appointment function for the WeChat public account. Two forms of appointment

    . The universal universal line appointment

    The universal forms that can be used in all industries, can realize the registration of the project, the registration of the event, the registration of the venue Some hospital's appointment registration and registration, first edit the basic information such as the title, keywords of the WeChat appointment activity, here is mainly to fill in the information about the merchant; add components, this is what fans or customers need to fill in. Merchants can add according to their needs to add to add to add Components, such as names, mobile phone numbers, gender, time of appointment, registration of registration, etc., are added and edited in the components. Because the WeChat appointment activities are widely used, many merchants will not be targeted too strong when using WeChat appointment activities. There are no limitations. It is more convenient to apply.

    : Store project project projects: Store project projects The service industry appointment

    The perfect appointment supports merchants to create multiple appointment projects in the same event, which is completely customized.

    For example, a yoga museum has a variety of yoga, soothing yoga, plastic ball yoga, meditation yoga, etc. Then, when setting up activities, merchants can create an appointment project one by one, and add description, expected service duration, price and other content to the project. In addition to supporting multiple projects, the perfect appointment also "perfectly" combines multiple stores and multiple employees. Merchants can check the projects and employees that can provide the service according to their operating needs and actual situation, so that customers can make appointments.

    . Finally, if the WeChat public account wants to realize the reservation function, it must be achieved with the help of third -party activity marketing tools; the online appointment of WeChat public account, now there are many appointment development tools on the market. You can develop and produce you want directly in this platform, or use the development of good modules, such as Weixiangbao Platform, not only providing WeChat reservation forms, but also providing technical support for operators and the entire event. Control, let the operator get more data through this activity.

    It how we do the public account to make an appointment, because our public account appointment has been produced. Add the appointment to the custom menu or graphic, so that our fans and users can participate more conveniently. At the same time, we can check the order management in the background, check the detailed situation of the customer's appointment, and the order can be operated alone in one operation.

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