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  1. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of consumption level and the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, people's pursuit of beauty has become healthy from the outside, and new formats in the beauty industry have continued to emerge. The beauty industry has also ushered in the rise of the overall upgrade and transformation period. Many friends who love beauty are willing to enter this emerging industry.
    Although the entry threshold for the beauty industry is low, it is very laborious to really get started. The beauty industry generally goes to the store as an apprentice or studying in a vocational school system. However, the former's theoretical knowledge is insufficient and rigorous. Most of the methods of old masters are the experiences that they have explored for many years, lack of theoretical, and have a lot of ways to truly learn the skills of the master; the latter needs to need it. For a long time, it also has high requirements for age and personal level. In comparison, obtaining a certification in the industry is a more discounted method.
    The first approval of a related skin health manager certificate can systematically learn about relevant knowledge.
    The new format of the beauty industry has risen, the sense of technology is getting heavier, and the professional requirements of customers on technicians are getting higher and higher. Then if you want to truly become an industry, the professional knowledge and techniques of skin care must be hand -held. Turn the housekeeping skills. Professional system learning is essential. Now the requirements for technicians are very high, and technicians are required to master basic knowledge such as beauty skin care, skin health, and traditional Chinese medicine health. They can give health and scientific personalized skin health care solutions for different skin problems of customers, and guide customers to carry out health management And behavior intervention. The requirements of these new industries can only be truly grasped by professional system learning.
    It selected a professional institution to take a certificate can also shorten the learning time.
    If the choice of vocational schools to learn, the arrangement in time is difficult to choose. If the learning front is pulled too long, it is very unfriendly for some students, and the relationship between life and learning is difficult to balance. It's easy to be difficult to please. Of course, some vocational schools are also restricted to the level and age of students themselves, and some schools do not conduct online learning sections, especially the current epidemic is impermanent, and the system and integrity of the curriculum are difficult to control. And the learning atmosphere of some vocational schools is not very good. If you really want to learn, it is difficult to calm down to study in a noisy environment.
    The last admission to a certificate of qualification identification in the industry is also a direct display of its own strength.
    The stools in all walks of life in the society are a certificate of high professional recognition, and of course the beauty industry is no exception. If you have a certificate of recognition in the industry, then when you vote for your resume and want to enter the institution or club, it will be at least 30 % higher than others. If you want to continue studying in the industry and find a master to continue his studies with her, when the master interviews, you have a professional certificate to be surrounded by more professional knowledge. The teacher will pay more attention to you a little more attention to you There will be more opportunities for successful studies.
    In in the beauty industry, Xiaobo recommends obtaining a skin health manager certificate, which has both a systematic comprehensive basic knowledge and in line with the current society's requirements for beauty technicians. Friends who want to enter the industry can consider it. Of course, if you have any questions about the certificate training exam, you are welcome to communicate with Xiaobo.

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