2 thoughts on “Family rockery fish ponds are more deeper than”

  1. See what fish to raise, usually about 25-30cm in depth. If it is a small rockery fish pond, such as the indoor rockery fish pond, the courtyard rockery, the garden fake mountain fish pond, can be designed and produced by yourself, but if you want to do the professional, beautiful, and beautiful, you can also find a professional production team to make it. At present, the best thing to do in the rockery is the landscape of the Greenman Garden.

  2. If the koi is raised, it is recommended to be about 1m. Koi is a cold-blooded animal. It is best to grow water temperature at 21-27 ° C. The deeper the water, the better the koi. Using Sip's fish pond filter system, the equipment integrates dual filtration of biochemical and physical, so that the water quality can achieve the clear and bottomless effect

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