1 thought on “I heard that Fangshan is building a large wine industry cluster.”

  1. To say that Fangshan's biggest advantage in developing the wine industry, I think it is raw materials, because that area is an excellent plantation for wine for wine, coupled with the support of the government's great efforts, it is inevitable to develop well. It is the time and place of the time and place.
    First of all, "Time", the development of winery industrial clusters is the overall requirements of Fangshan in accordance with the construction of humanities Beijing, technology Beijing, green Beijing and "world cities" to further implement the strategy of "three districts and two districts" of Fangshan and promote the city The development of modern agriculture has accelerated major measures to build environmentally friendly industries.
    It said "geographical interest". Everyone knows that it is located at 40 ° north latitude to plant the golden line for grapes, while Fangshan has nearly 10 towns and villages of about 50,000 acres of land on this latitude, which means that Fangshan has a large amount of land suitable for grapes for planting. It should be said that this is a rare natural resources. With the unique advantages, the Fangshan District has successfully created the brand of Polong Castle- "China's Organic Red Wine First Village" in the 80 -acre of Chengguan.
    The third says "people", as the saying goes, "The wine is not afraid of the alley." Last year, when the international grape and wine organization chairman, Evan Benard, visited Fangshan Poronburg Winery, he highly appreciated the quality of Polongbao wine. It also reached the intention of cooperating with Fangshan District to run schools, build OIV standard wineries and standardized seedling bases, and create information, technology and talents for the development of the winery industry in Fangshan.

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