5 thoughts on “My kitten always loves to stare at the sewer in the toilet. Does anyone know why?”

  1. It is because the sewer is that you go up and downstairs to share a main lower water pipe. Other people will have a slight sound when using drainage, but sometimes people cannot hear it. I think it is an animal like mice, waiting for capture.

  2. Hahaha, in fact, cats are very simple and persistent, and curiosity is particularly strong. If it sees the mouse drill into the hole, it will squat at the hole for half a day and a half.

    This sewer it either see what a small bug or mouse runs in, or just curious about the sound of water in the sewer. The cat in my family is okay to catch cockroaches, it is half a day and a half, etc., I have to wait until the insects come out.

  3. Curiosity killed the cat, indicating that even if the cat had nine lives, it would be killed by curiosity.
    It how the cat's curiosity is. Essence Essence
    It is just curious.

  4. It is estimated that the sewer entrance is very interesting. My cat likes to look at the vehicles downstairs on the balcony. It also feels interesting hahaha.

  5. The cat caught the mouse and did not learn to know himself. The sewer in the toilet itself is a hole in itself, and there is a flow of water from time to time. The kitten has insufficient experience and mistakenly believes that there are mice in the cave. Therefore, it keeps waiting.

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