5 thoughts on “Cats eat mice, okay?”

  1. Cat eating mice does not affect his health, but it is beneficial to cats. There are cat cotton acids necessary for cats in the mouse. Beeflybonic acid can improve the cat's night vision ability and prevent heart disease. Therefore Eat mice every time you need to eat mice to supplement beef cottage consumed in the body.

    The general cats lack beef acidic acid. It will not be manifested until one year later when the body is beef acid is exhausted.

    But there will be fleas without the mouse, and there may be a cyst or other parasitic in the body or other parasitic insects. Worm eggs, so cats may be infected with fleas or parasites in the body after eating mice.

  2. It should not, cats should eat mice, so it must have a certain resistance to the disease or bacteria on the mouse, so it should not be a big deal, but it should not be eaten by mice. The cat is dangerous ... but it is best not to eat it, it is not necessarily a good thing for people, not to mention that people hate disgusting mice.

  3. Look at the situation, if the mouse who does not take medicine is not, it is best not to let it eat, it is not safe, you can let it eat and let it go out, so that it will not eat it after a long time. Cat catching mice is natural.

  4. It is best not to let it eat mice. Really, a few cats in my family have eaten mice to poison. Now, although the poisoned rats are banned, there is no guarantee. Many dogs in the community have been rats a few days ago. The drug poison is not necessarily strong, but the symptoms before the death are vomiting, dryness, convulsions, and dying, which is very similar to those symptoms of those who eat poisonous mice.
    . Even if there is no harm of rat drugs, the cat's digestive system is not good. If the mouse is not digested, it may not only cause enteritis, but to secretly vomit the dead mice who eat it under your bed. Don't want to see.

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