5 thoughts on “How will you comfort it when the cat is shocked?”

  1. I bought a pet cat in two days ago. Maybe when she first hugged her, she grabbed me. At that time, I was particularly angry and kicked him. He walked away. , And I ran away and ran away. Later, when I went to the hospital to get a rabies vaccine, it kept watching me trembling. I felt particularly distressed at the time, because he grabbed me, but I did not have a special attitude towards him. I took the dried fish he liked to eat, seduced him over, and then slowly picked him up, giving him the hair, mentioning the soft tissue on the neck, and then slowly giving him smoothly. Mao, so I think that for cats, she should still treat her particularly docile. If she was shocked, she held her in her arms and slowly stroked it.

  2. In fact, cats are really smart. He knows people's minds more than dogs. If he was shocked, I might pat his lightly to let him sleep, and I think he is the most reliable dependence on a cat's owner. If your cat is frightened, he must hold him gently so that he feels no longer afraid. This world has his reliance.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer is very happy to answer younThe question was in my hometown. My grandfather helped me grab it, kept calling, and bite people. Now I close it in the carton. I want to take it back to raise it. How can I let it down and like me?nIt's a little orange cat, one in my grandfather's housenA few small holes drilled in the cartonnBecause it can be said to be a wild cat, it will be afraid of peoplenAnswer Hello, if you are just frightened, for example, there are people in the family, such as changing a new environment, there is no particularly serious symptoms such as convulsions, so give it enough space and time to make it think that it is safe to be safe. Just hide in the place.太 During this period, he may not be too nervous and not eat quickly, but he still has to provide enough water and cat canned temptation to soothe the place where he hides. Do not put cat litter too far. , Don't disturb too much, don't hold it forced, don't mandatory to drive the cat from the place where it thinks safely, it is only a few days to adapt. After all, cats are a little cub I feel safe, and naturally I will take the initiative to explore the worldnQuestion, I am not familiar with it, it is a little wild catnAnswer Hello, then you can only deal coldly and give it some foodnAsk if you take it home on the fourth number (now keep it in the carton and poke a few small holes, but should you be very dark) Can you put it out at home?nAnswer you don’t let go, open the carton first, wait for it to adapt, and then put it outnMore 8nBleak

  4. To comfort her, I think for me, I hope I can be by his side, because I think the best thing for a cat should be with her. This should be the best comfort, and What's more important is to hold him. My cat was frightened because of some things, but I think for me, as long as I am with him, it is the best comfort.

  5. What I am more suitable for doing is to accompany her to comfort her. I think my cat thought it was scared by the puppy before, so I have been trembling very much, so I dare not go out, so I hold him to do it outside, so I always do it outside. Or holding her while sleeping, I feel that as long as I am by his side, he may feel particularly peace of mind and not be afraid.

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