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  1. Every time the cat is in a new environment, they are not adapted. They have a great attachment to the environment. Cats will leave their own smell in the frequent activity area during the normal activity area. Fear, they will hide, they will have a process to adapt to the environment, usually in the minimum week, so if you want to adopt a cat, if you want to change the environment, first ask what cat food he can feed before, such as someone wants to adopt adoption My cat, then I have to put my Merma Impression of Cat Food for the adopted owner, and let the new owner change the grain method to the cat owner for seven days. Cat food is better. When his own smell in the environment, cats will relax and be vigilant at home, so cats at home are not bad. It means that he treats you as his own, and the environment is very familiar with him to relax.

  2. Let cats stay alone in a quiet room, don't let other cats at home meet it. Prepare water and toilet for it. Cat food is not in a hurry. The cats who just traveled long -distance traveling immediately caused food to cause indigestion, especially kittens. It is to give soft foods that are easy to digest, such as canned or soft cat food. After 1-2 hours, you can give dry food. If you have a good appetite, be careful not to eat it. Generally speaking, kittens can adapt in 1-3 days. In addition, it should be noted that the cats who just arrived at home cannot take a bath immediately, at least 10-14 days. The abnormality of the kitten to the new environment: If the new environment is changed, because the cat has reached a strange environment, it is also a challenge to its physical condition. The familiar environment and supplies have gone. In the new beginning, cat's stress response will also be reflected. Professional pet doctors told that cat plague, parasites, vomiting, fever, etc. all belong to the stress reaction of cats. The symptoms that were lurking in the body may erupt because they arrived in a strange environment, so the cat's custody became the key. If a cat has a reaction such as vomiting and poor diet, it can give it some pet probes, helping the cat to regulate the gastrointestinal and intestines, treat diarrhea, and change the stress.

  3. It is normal for the kitten to just go to a new home.
    This when cats just arrived in the new home, they would become nervous, scared, and restrained because of their strange environment, so they dare not move, eat, and move. This is a normal phenomenon. What the owner can do is to put a warm cushion, cat food, snacks, toys, toys, and cat sand pots in the position of the cat, so that the cat can feel the safety of the surrounding environment as much as possible. In addition, if the cat's appetite is not appetizing and even accompanied by other bad symptoms, it is necessary to take it to the hospital for a systematic physical examination.
    Wet grains, you can give some cans or wonderful fresh bags. Do not give the kitten to drink milk to cause gastrointestinal diarrhea and cause death. Drink a special milk powder for cats and dogs.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer we know that cats are very sensitive animals. When they reach a new environment, they will produce some stress reactions more or less. However, the smallest symptoms in these stress reactions are that the kitten does not eat or drink water. If a cat has some serious stress reactions, such as: vomiting, dilute, soft stool, in the case of this situation, even no experienced new shovelers will often consult the shoveling officer or doctor they know. If the symptoms of not eating or drinking water, most people will feel normal so they don't care. But in fact, not eating or drinking water is even more hurt for the kittens. Once the kittens have symptoms of not eating or drinking water, if the cause is not found in time, and it is easy to cause them to have some other diseases in time, so we must not have a fixed thinking. It is normal for cats to have a stress response to the stress, so there is no problem without eating or drinking water for the time being.nQuestions, but these two days were drowsy and lost a lot. I was worried that there would be a problem.nAnswer to see the hospital, dear, check itn1 morenBleak

  5. Some sensitive cats are possible to not eat in the new environment. It may even take about three or four days. Don't worry about never eating and starving. If you can accompany it for two or three days, it will be better. When you are there, you can comfort it, hold it, touch your head, and tell it that it is okay. In addition, is the new place a closed environment? If it is not closed, for example, a bungalow is particularly careful that cats will escape because they are unfamiliar with the new environment, and they are easy to throw away if they are not familiar with them. When you go to travel, you must ask your family to open the door and open the window.
    Actually, it is not a good way to fostering from home. Cats are spiritual sensitive animals. They are easy to be nervous. Sometimes they even get sick.

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