2 thoughts on “What brand is recommended for cat milk powder”

  1. Suggestions: British MAG, Wei Shi, and Gu Deng, because of the solid materials and sufficient nutritional content.
    I I checked a lot of milk powder for the cats in the family before. Some are really flickering people, promoting goat milk powder, the actual ingredients are milk, some even soybean oil, sunflower oil, etc. This is a bit bullying consumers who do not understand ~
    A good milk powder, the most proportion of ingredients must be: milk, milky protein, better goat milk, and general milk. If you use any oil, vulgar, etc., don't buy
    The specific reference to knowing "What cat milk powder is better"

  2. First, choose a special pet cat for goat milk powder. Do not choose human milk powder or other pet milk powder for instead.
    In general, the proportion of cat milk powder is a piece of milk. Such a proportion can effectively help cats absorb without causing the cat's gastrointestinal burden or thinning together.

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