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  1. "Attached to become an eagle" Zhang Li Teng unfortunately crossed the dying wind and thunder eagle. Since then, the most horrible Warcraft forest on the mainland has changed .....

    The snake is a century, the millennium is a puppet, and the thousand years are dragons! Dragon is hundreds of years, and the thousand years are responding. Thousands of years are the dragon! This is a fairy world. Infinite space -time, stealing the fate of the world. With all the robbery, I still do n’t wear it! Hold the origin of Qiankun, and the palm of the palm is created. Hundreds of millions of time and space are decaying, and I am immortal!

    "Youlong" dragon, one horizontal and vertical hook, a little bit, gold hook and silver on the nine days!
    purple Jinglong, Fantasy Dragon, Corpse Dragon, BOC Dragon, Fairy Dragon, Lori Dragon, Rainbow Dragon, Yongdong Dragon, Hate Dragon!
    Ilipa three head dragons, Yan Gulong, Haklong, light and darkness The dragon, the real red -eyed black dragon, and the Osiris Sky Dragon!
    . More than a thousand strange dragons live on the lost plane, following the laws of the jungle, dominating the world.
    The ancient and leisurely, a silent dragon egg, with the memory of human Su Chen, breaking the shell ...
    The epic myth of a bright dragon!

    "Rebirth of the Overlord Dragon" Lu Hao, as a disciple of the ancient martial arts family, was ambushed by the enemy, and was reborn on a strange cultivation planet. At the top of the Tyrannosaurus Dragon, the top of the dinosaur World Food Chain Gold Pyramid, Lu Hao was born as a bully dragon. Dinosaur world, carnivorous dinosaurs, herbivorous dinosaurs, fast -moving rapid ranging dragons, group predators fire dragons, brutal claw dragons of grasslands, horrible bloodthirsty overlord dragons, and the strongest wind pterosaur in the air, There are also Yuelong, Tyrannosaurus, snake -necked dragon, spiny dragon, fish dragon, triangular dragon, sword dragon bully dragon, a type of Tyrannosaurus, top predatory and rotten dinosaurs, about 12 meters long, weighing to tonnage to tons In the between, there is a three -dimensional vision (superior to modern eagle eye), a highly developed olfactory organs, and has 4 tons of the most horrible bite force in all dinosaurs, or even stronger. The huge head, horrible bite force, an adult triangle dragon, as long as it is bitten, muscles are bitten with bones.

    "The Earth of the Wilderness" only climbed out of the bears that should not appear in the flood. Looking up to see not Zhou Shan? Forget it, let's not compare with him. Looking back at Kunlun Mountain, um, it is not much higher than me. Under the feet, there is the land of floods, but where should I go? Look at the flood life of a otaku.

    "Best Vampire Mosquito Growth" Pig feet: "Okay, I admit that I want to cross. You did not get me the Three Kingdoms I longed for me. I can not care about the world, but anyway, I can give me a civilian status. Even if I have not arranged me into a densely populated big city, I get me in the rain forest where I do not shit. It is not difficult to give me a indigenous person. Well, even if you are not an adult, you can give me an orc, goblin, dwarf. But you don’t need to cross me into one, a mosquito "

    " Python Sheng Different Realm "Gong Minghua is an ordinary rural youth. Because he accidentally had a car accident, he attached to the python, and then passed through the other world. The ordinary python life

    "Bi Mongolian Legend" a old demon head crossing the world, becoming a mixed race of Bimeng and Naga.

    "Bear Batay World" "I am afraid that I want me as a bear and live in this alien world, I also have to make everything colorful!" It's about to unfold ...

    "Oriental Black Dragon of Different World" Master: Wei Yan, the master hopes that you can become the greatest Shenlong Wei Yan in the world: Yes, the respectable master: But before that You have to become the same hybrid black carp, Wei Yan: No ......... Dark Dragon God: Sun, why did my son give birth to you such a strange fetus? Wei Yan: See clearly, where is I blame? This is the appearance of the ancient god Yinglong. N
    "Heavy Forest Dragon" is a giant lizard here. Pay attention to the safety of a special soldier Chen Nan who has cultivated the golden bell cover from an early age. Because the cultivation gold bell cover inspired the dragon gene in its body, it slowly became a great dragon. And various adventure stories that happened during this. This book will tell you the mystery of the jungle step by step: the adventure story of the pischial and mermaid, forest fire, thunderstorm, ant torrent, mysterious creature, food human tribe, ancient temple, strange vortex and so on.

    "Wermier that will be upgraded" is how beautiful you are swordsman, god, sacred beast, and dragon. In my eyes, you are just a group of experienced ‘strange’.

    "Different World Beast Roar" Fa God ...

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