5 thoughts on “Is there anything wrong with the three Tmalls at home?”

  1. No matter what happened
    Masked enough cats to dry grain, water cat sand

    cats usually sleep during the day, and make trouble at night, and if you go out, you don’t need to put the cat in the cat to put the cat into In the cage, close the window, and the other places where you don't let go blocked or closed the door, it is OK ~~ But ... cat may be lonely ...
    The doors and windows are closed, and the glass of the glass is fragile and easy to clean up. If you are afraid of catching it, you should not put the toilet paper or something in a conspicuous place. Clean, there is no problem at all,

  2. There will be no problem at home on business trips. At most, the things in your home rolled some. If you close the doors and windows, it will not be a problem if you don't let it go out. Just prepare some food for him. The cat is not so arrogant.
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  3. In normal cases, if the cat is put on enough food at home for three days, there is nothing wrong with it, that is, I am afraid that it will make trouble at home. If you are really uneasy, you still live in a friend or relative's house.

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