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  1. Cats themselves are licking myself every day, so they are taking a bath, so they can wash them without washing. If you want to wash it a month, take a shower every month.
    The cat's saliva itself has a bactericidal effect, and if the cat is often bathing, it will also destroy the cat's oil layer and skin barrier to protect the skin, which will cause cats to be more likely to get skin diseases.
    is terrifying to take a bath for cats, so your attitude determines his feeling of bathing. Therefore, he must not be reprimanded during a bath. When you take a bath, you must ensure that there is always one part of your body, or your hands or arms, and stick him to him. You can smell him.

  2. It is 1 month to 2 months.
    The number of times of bathing should not be too much, because cats' skin will secrete a layer of protected oil, which will protect the skin's health. Frequent bathing can cause oil to be secreted normally. Skin contact with water and bath fragrances are more likely to itch and produce skin inflammation. It will reduce the cat's resistance and immunity, and it is easy to cause skin diseases. When taking a bath for cats, we must soothe the mood of the cat, because cats are prone to stress, and most of them will have natural fear of water. Therefore, it is recommended to gently put the cat into warm water in a suitable temperature, and soothe the cat's emotions and touch it. After the cat does not resist, take an appropriate amount of pet gel to take a bath for the cat.
    It should be noted that frequently helping cats take a bath, which will destroy its oil, reduce the cat's resistance and immunity, and easily lead to skin diseases.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a practicing veterinarian Cao Hang, which has rich clinical experience. The veterinarian qualification certificate number is the number of veterinarian qualifications. Please describe the pet age, variety, deworming, and sterilization. Note: Baidu consultation is not instant reply. When you encounter emergencies, you need to first first. See the hospital. And pay attention to your speeches, you only have 6 times of speech, please integrate the doctor's question in one sentence, so that you can fully answer questions for your petnHello, you can only initiate six consultations, please pay attention to the number of times you speak.nNormally, it is recommended that a cat is washed twice a year. It is sufficient because the cat is evolved in the desert. He is afraid that water does not like to take a bath. In order to reduce stress, you can wash it twice a year.nIf the kittens are not recommended, it is recommended to wash it. It is recommended that all the vaccines are tied up before taking a bathnCan you ask the cat for a lifetime?nThere is no problem with the answer, but be sure to do insect repellent and vaccinenThen use some wet towels to wipe him, or uh, wash the foam to wash himn5 morenBleak

  4. Bathing for cats should not be too frequent.

    The bathing cats will not only cause damage to the cat's skin.

    This bathing too much can cause calcium deficiency.

    The fur of the cat will secrete an alcohol substance. After the sun is exposed, this substance can be converted into vitamin D. Cats are licked by licking hair every day to supplement vitamin D in the body.

    Is when cats are often bathing, this alcohol substance in cat fur will be reduced. Over time, cats cannot get enough vitamin D, and vitamin D is a must -have nutrients for cats to absorb calcium.

    The cat's cleaning ability is very strong.

    The kittens will start licking myself in 21 days.

    but the cat's cleaning ability is weak during the cat period. Only with the help of the female cat can the kitten be fully cleaned up.

    . You won't see the female cat put the kitten by the water for cleaning.

    For kittens within 9 months, if it was not for special cases, these cats could not take a bath.

    The shoveling officer can help the kitten clean by helping to clean up by more frequent combing.

    10 months, cats spend an average of 150 minutes a day to clean up their hair.

    Different from many animals, cats attach great importance to sanitation.

    Most cats are cleaned up every 2 hours.

    For cats of more than 10 months, the shoveling officer cannot frequently take a bath for the cat.

    45 to take a bath to the cat once it is already a "higher bath frequency" that cats can withstand.

    In fact, most of the nursing cats can take a bath every 60 to 90 days. In winter, the cat can not take a bath at all.

    This cats have enough baths a year.

    This replacement of bathing should be a more fully combing hair every day. The shoveling officer helps the cat combing hair, which can actually keep the cat clean.

    This has 6 hidden dangers to cats. For the fur structure of cats, bathing with water is not the most preferred cleaning method of cats.

    1. The fur structure of the cat cannot effectively volatilize the water:

    . When the cat's fur encounters water, the cat takes a longer time to make the water volatile.

    In in the wild state, the condition of cat fur encounters water is mainly rainy days. The general rainwater can only make the cat's fur wet on the surface. But humans take a bath for cats different, and cats' hair will fully contact the water.

    If the cat can be dried and blowing dry in time after taking a bath, the cat's epidermis is prone to dermatitis. And some cats will have hair follicles, and the hair loss is serious.

    2. Bathing will make cats have a hidden danger of calcium deficiency:

    This Cat absorbing calcium requires vitamin D, and the alcohol substance in cat hair is an important way for cats to obtain vitamin D obtaining vitamin D Essence

    It you will find healthy cats, in fact, the hair will feel a little "oil".

    This is actually the normal state of the cat.

    Is when a cat is bathing, this alcoholic substance will be washed off. If it is only a few times a year, the cat has little effect on the cat, but if the cat is bathed frequently, the cat will lack this alcohol.

    The cats will lack calcium in cats over time.

    3. Cat's bones and joints will cause damage:

    The bathing actually has greater risk for the cat's bones.

    The cats will move because of nervousness when bathing, and the water on the ground will make the cat unable to stand.

    This will make the cat's limbs panic and perform "unconscious force", which is actually greatly damaged to the cat's knee joint.

    The frequently bathing will make cats more likely to have joint problems.

    It cats will not jump to the high place within 48 hours after taking a bath. There are also some cats that do not stand up after bathing. This is the phenomenon of cats and joints of cats.

    4. Cat bathing cleaner is not necessarily healthy for cats:

    Is when bathing for cats, if the cleaner is used too much, it will cause residual phenomena.

    It cats will swallow these residues when licking hair later.

    If this cat's bath frequently, this kind of residue will accumulate less.

    In a few days after bathing, vomiting and dilutes will frequently occur. There are also some kittens even more serious gastrointestinal problems.

    It if you have to "bath for the cat", the water is enough.

    This of the cat's fur will have some bacteria that are beneficial to the cat.

    This bacteria will enter the cat's stomach when the cat licks the hair. If the cleaner is used to take a bath for the cat, these beneficial bacteria will also disappear.

    So the problem of poor digestion of cats is actually from the misunderstanding when bathing.

    5. When the cat baths in the water, the ear will cause the cat's ears to inflammation:

    If the cat is not used to bathing, the cat will have ears in water in the case of panic. question.

    Most cats will hang their ears when they are bathing, but water can sometimes flow into the cat's ear canal.

    This of cat's ears is more prone to inflammation.

    This is also one of the hidden dangers of cats when bathing. Cats that frequently take baths need to check their ears frequently.

    If the cat's ears when you take a bath, try not to use cotton swab but wipe the water with cotton.

    because some cotton swabs will have residues in the cat's ears. This is a troublesome thing for cats. These cats will constantly scratch their ears, and even some cats will be emotionally restless to scratch their ears with restless ears break.

    6. Frequent bathing will make the cat's taste problem:

    Pules will have trouble in the taste after bathing, and some cats may be sluggish for several days in a row.

    The cats will "can't smell" the smell of food briefly.

    The cats that are frequently bathing are prone to eating problems. Some cats will eat after bathing. This is because bathing the cat is stressed. When the cat has pressure, it will restore itself by "eating too much".

    If you find your own cat, the amount of meals will increase significantly after a bath, then you better reduce the frequency of bathing for cats.

    For cats who just arrived at home, the shoveling officer should not take a bath more than 3 times in the first three months. Too much bath will make the cat incorporated into the home slowly.

    This's cleaning ability is enough to keep the cat clean.

    The cats do not need to take a bath frequently.

    This shovel officer can believe that the cat's natural cleaning ability is natural, and in a more natural way to raise his cat.

  5. If you take a bath, you can wash it every two or three months, but if the cat is afraid of taking a bath, you can put it. It is also possible to use that kind of refreshing powder

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