What should I pay attention to after the female cat sterilization surgery?

My cat has sterilized surgery today
What should I pay attention to?

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  1. Mamiam cat
    The cat's sterilization surgery refers to removing the testicular of the male cat or the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes of the female cat through surgery. This article mainly introduces several points of nursing points after the cat's sterilization surgery.

    . When the cat can take it home after the cat sterilizer
    On the cat's sterilization surgery needs to be anesthetized, it is best to wait for the cat to restore some consciousness and open your eyes autonomously. After a little movement, take it home. Of course, if the owner is fine, it is the most secure when the cat is fully recovered, and even after the first urination after surgery is the most secure. During this period, anesthesia can be used to allow veterinarians to conduct a whole body examination or trim nails on cats. If the owner must take it home in the cat's operating room for various reasons, pay attention to the following points.
    1. It is best to let the doctor help, put the cat in a cat cage, etc. Mainly because the cat is still anesthesia, and the self -breathing ability is still poor, preventing the breathing due to posture problems.
    . If the cat's eyes cannot be closed autonomously, you should drip the eye drops every 2,3 minutes to keep the eyeballs moist.
    . Check the cat's mouth and nose regularly to prevent mucus or vomit.
    . Cats usually urinate once after waking up. Only when the cat completes autonomous urination once, the owner can take a breath, especially because the female cat performs abdominal surgery and involves kidney, ureter, etc. The urinary system, so pay special attention. If the cat does not urinate for a long time after waking up, you need to ask the master doctor or go directly to the hospital in time.
    . Care of cat surgery wound
    1. Need to keep the wound clean and dry. Do not take a bath during the period. If you need to clean, you can also wipe it with wet towels. Wound. Observe the healing of the wound every day, and find that infection should go to the hospital in time.
    . Generally doctors will ask the owner to buy an external medicine with a bottle of accelerated wound healing and prevent infection.
    3. Due to natural instincts, cats will lick their wounds after surgery. At present, the best way to prevent is to choose a suitable Elizabeth circle for cats, although the cat will feel uncomfortable or even disgusted. But in order to prevent infection, the owner must not be taken away for a moment. If the cat is more irritable, it cannot be worn at all. You can consider surgical clothes, trimming gauze and other methods, but you must ensure that it is breathable.
    . The dietary problem after surgery
    It now there are formulas specifically for postoperative recipe cat food. If cats do not like to eat, you can choose canned cats or homemade cat food. Add any seasonings. For non-specialized postoperative cat food, you can add some antibiotics and digestive drugs, which can usually be feeded for 2-3 days.

  2. The female cat has a sterilization surgery, the shoveling officer can do these 5 points, and it can restore the body of the cat's body without a week.n00:00 / 02: 5570% shortcut keys to describe space: Play / suspend ESC: exit full screen ↑: increase volume 10% ↓: reduced volume decrease by 10% →: single fast forward 5 seconds ←: single fast retreat 5 seconds Press hold up and hold it up. Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

  3. After the cat was underwritten, the anesthesia just woke up very much. Many cat friends found that the cats were not willing to stay with the place for her carefully after returning home. Where it is not easy to take care of. There was no way to do it, caught her out again and again, and was afraid to encounter her wound. How to do it?
    The method is to make a cat for cats suitable for cultivation.
    The special features suitable for cultivation:
    1. Finding a cage that is suitable for entering and leaving, which is similar to the size of the cat's body. Cat's activity.
    2. Be sure to be darker. When the cat is uncomfortable, it will find a darkest place to hide in the instinctive trend. You can wrap the cat cage with a blanket, and leave the gap appropriately to the cats enter and exit and ventilate.
    3. Stay away from people's walking routes and stay away from the source of noise. When the patient is sick and rests, he does not want to be disturbed, and the same is true of cats.
    4. Because sterilization surgery is generally done in a low temperature season, it is necessary to do a good job of keeping warm. You can put a small hot water bottle beside her bed and sandwiched in the middle of the mattress, not too hot.
    Oral anti -inflammatory drugs
    It is best to feed some oral anti -inflammatory drugs for cats after returning home. To count.
    Im Icelin capsules this time, open the capsule, divide the medicine powder inside into a few copies, and feed each time. This medicine can be with milk, so I mix the powder in a little milk and feed the cat with a needle tube. If the cats are not very cooperative, the medicine powder always loses it.
    Wound disinfection
    The doctor suggested that the cats are rubbing the cat with iodine every day. Every time I rub the iodine cats and cats, my heart trembles, and my heart is stabbed together.
    In order to make cats less crime of rubbing iodine several times, you can try to ensure that the wounds are sterile and have less contact with unclean environment. Since the hospital in Nanjing does not bandage the cats, my way is to use the disinfection gauze under her wound under the surgical suit, and then use a bandage to the cat's belly. Loose tightness is not easy to slide, don't be too tight. Wearing surgical clothes outside, you can also avoid the bandage from being torn off by the cat.
    The method of experimenting on the bean seedlings, the effect is still very good, the disinfection gauze is not slid, and it is still in the wound position when it takes it down to see it.
    If the wound can ensure sterile, oral anti -inflammatory drugs are fed more successfully, you can reduce the number of iodine rubbing, or choose the disinfection potion that stimulates the wound (but the disinfection effect is not as good as iodine) To disinfect. I wipe the bean seedlings with a stinging wet wipes without tingling, which is much less irritating than iodine.
    The diet
    This can not be eaten into the water 6 hours after surgery. After six hours, you should fill some physical flow of physical strength, such as sugar water, fish soup, and so on. When cats start to have appetite, to prevent cats from violent violence

  4. After cats have undergone surgery, the doctors of our branch generally inform the owner's related precautions:
    1. Eating after surgery: After the surgery is over, the cat cannot be allowed to eat directly. Cats have slow gastrointestinal motility after anesthesia, and gastrointestinal inflammation may cause gastrointestinal inflammation. It is generally recommended to give some water or liquid foods appropriately after 4-6 hours after surgery.
    2. Dietary changes: Some cats may have loss of appetite and unwilling to eat after surgery. At this time, you can feed cats for canned or liquid foods (soaked cat food) to stimulate cats' appetite.
    3. Wound care: Pay attention to the cat's neck circle after surgery to prevent the cat from licking the wound and stimulate infection. In addition, you need to pay attention to keeping the wound dry. If you find that there is a condition of bleeding and pus, go to the hospital for treatment in time. For female cats, it is usually 7-10 days to disassemble. After the line is removed, you need to bring the neck ring for 3-5 days. After the wound is completely healed, you can remove it. Male cats generally do not need to be removed.
    4. Cats are suitable for recuperation after surgery. It is recommended that cats stay in the cage by themselves and keep the environment quiet. Too noisy or crowded environment can easily stimulate cats to have stress reactions.
    5. Finally, it is the most important point to keep in touch with the hospital or doctor. Surgery has a certain amount of consumption for cats, so if the cat has abnormal situations after surgery, contact the doctor in a timely manner, do not always seek solutions on Baidu to delay the illness.

  5. Lie flat. Go home and place it in the place, and it is also close to the heating. Don't be too bright in the room. keep warm. Singing the hot water bottle. Remember to replenish her. Don't let him lick the wound. It is okay to wear surgical clothes. In fact, there is no need to worry about taking care of him. The surgery of my family (mother) did not eat it the day before yesterday. I really took her. I didn't know if she jumped into bed a few days ago. Sleeping with me at night, pay attention to keeping warm. This is necessary. Expect your cat to recover soon. My Mi Zi dug out. Divide cats. Different constitutions. ~

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