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  1. The top ten forbidden cats in China are Asian golden cats, crickets, crickets, dunes, cats, leopard cats, and so on. In addition, there are tiger cats, rust leopard cats, Pallas cats, and desert cats.
    In people's impression, cats are a very cute animal. Many people like to raise cats to relieve their pressure. People spend a lot of money for pets to live in a better environment for pets. However, in this world, there are also some cats within the scope of immunization. Because they are rare protection animals, they are prohibited from selling and illegal hunting.

    Cats belong to cats, and they are a widespread pet among families around the world. General cats: round heads, short faces, five fingers in the forelimb, the hind limbs, and the toe with sharp and curved claws. Nights.
    Cats are divided into a variety of, which are natural enemies of rats. There are livestock in various places. There are various colors such as yellow, black, white, and gray; the shape is like a civet, the appearance is like a tiger, and the hair is soft and the teeth are profitable (there are almost hairless varieties). The tail is long and short, the eyes are like gold and silver, and the upper palate is the best. The body is small, and it looks love. very curious.

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