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  1. First check the recipes of cat food and various nutrient content percentage, choose cat food suitable for cats; secondly, you need to choose the corresponding cat food according to the different stage of the cat's growth, such as kitten cats, cat food, and pregnancy cats during pregnancy. Food, etc.; Finally choose cat food that cats like, so that cats will also prefer to eat, and can add a lot of nutrition.
    I canned cat food made of high -grade ingredients such as shrimp and fish. There are many types, easy to choose, and delicious taste, so it is more popular than cats. Some cans can be used as a staple food tank. Some cans such as most Japanese cans, which belong to the category category. As a staple food, it may cause nutritional imbalance.
    It can not be mixed with dry food, damage to the teeth is large, and should be eaten separately. Canned food is convenient for long -term preservation, but it is easy to deteriorate after opening.
    Mid -cooked food is between food and canned food, suitable for old cats. Some good quality cats will add taurine. The cat's body cannot synthesize the amino acids of taurine, and can only be obtained by capturing mice. Cats who are pets as partners do not capture the conditions of mice. The lack of this amino acids that cats will affect the night vision ability, so it is necessary to use good quality cat food.
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  2. Before choosing cat food, we need to understand three things:
    . Is the recipe of cat food normal and whether the raw materials are reliable
    . Whether the nutritional ingredients in cat food can meet the needs of cats whether R n. The physical condition of our own cat
    It next to us to learn more little by little.
    M recipes in cat food

    The formula of cat food is very important. Good cat food is not only good -looking data, but also reassuring. Bright eyes, carefully study the recipe of cat food, and interpret raw materials from the formula table.
    01 / meat fat
    First of all, we must understand that there are a lot of hidden information in the recipe table of cat food. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish good or bad. However, the key point is that according to the "Food Logo Management Regulations":
    ① Various ingredients should be arranged in order of decreased order in manufacturing or processing food. Sequence arrangement;
    ② The various ingredients in the ingredient table shall indicate the specific name of the real attributes of the ingredients.
    In short, the higher the formula table, the higher the percentage value, the greater the proportion in the whole, the main ingredient, which is the same as the skin care component table. The cat is a carnivorous animal. The quality of the meat at the front of the ingredient table determines the quality of cat food, which determines whether the cat can eat a good "meat".
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    The front end of the formula is the meat that is clearly marked
    The meat in the ingredient table is also divided into three, six or nine, etc., not all added meat can be Cats provide reasonable nutrition and energy, so shoveling officers must carefully distinguish the added meat, usually (focus!):
    fresh meat/bone -proof meat> meat powder> Class
    Fresh meat -the definition of AAFCO is that the clean meat of the slaughtered livestock is limited to the tongue, diaphragm, heart or esophageal tattoo muscles, which contain or contain accessible and coverage Fat on muscle, as well as some skin, tendon, nerves and blood vessels that are usually accompanied by meat. Cats are mainly protein and fat from the meat. Due to the least processing, fresh meat can be retained to the maximum nutritional value and activity. It should be noted here that fresh meat does not include secondary processing meat, such as "smoky salmon".
    f AAFCO science
    (AAFCO's full name The OF American Feed Control Office is the American Feed Control Association. Responsible for the sales and distribution of animal feed and animal drugs. AAFCO does not have law enforcement agencies and does not produce pet food, but AAFCO has established a nutritional standard for complete and balanced pet foods. To formulate national regulations, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will also refer to AAFCO information when managing pet food.)
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    Meat powder -in the definition of AAFCO, it is breastfeeding Animal tissue is refined and refined. These tissues do not include blood, hair, hoof, horns, feces, stools, stomach and tumor stomach, but the amount of inevitable mixing during normal processing is acceptable.
    In actual operation, the most criticized place for meat powder by the majority of shovel officers is 4D ingredients and their by -products. The 4D products mentioned here are actually four types of animals. Diseases, doying dying, and disabled, by -products refer to their internal organs, skeleton, fur, etc. It is conceivable how terrible the food made by such meat powder is. Although most of the regular manufacturers' meat powder sources are reliable, as consumers, we do not know the accurate formula. Therefore, when choosing cat food, carefully choose the meat powder formula.
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    The meat that does not express clearly, it looks like it is also meat, and it seems to be stronger than meat powder. But in fact, the source of the meat cannot be verified, what kind of chicken and fish? The merchant did not even have confidence to write clearly. How can we rest assured that our trembling shoveling officer can be assured?
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    The what kind of meat do you say?
    In except for the meat, any ingredients that are unclear need to be paid attention. The unclear fat and ingredients watches are not clear, and they are ended with "waiting". Like the best students in the cat food below, they should drop out of school.
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    Under the blessing of high -quality meat raw materials, the fat content of normal cat food will not be too low, but some inferior cat food will be added to vegetable oil to increase the fat content in cat food , And cats' vegetable oils may cause symptoms such as intestinal digestive disorders, vomiting and diarrhea, and mental deficiency. Choose cautiously for such cat food shit.
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    02 / grain starch
    The as a senior shit officer, of course, it is not too much, but it must be known. The digestive capacity of food is weak, and the grain cannot be completely digested. When the grains cannot be completely digested, staying in the stomach and intestines will cause intestinal damage, such as intestinal allergies and malnutrition.
    Therefore, the less the grain in the cat food is added, and the cat food that places the grains in the first five of the formula table, the cats have shouted directly, and the shoveling officers do not need to consider it at all. ~
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    The abominable grain, the grain is actually the first place!
    M common grains include brown rice, white rice, rice, fine rice, millet, rice bran, etc., here for your dear shoveling officers to reference.
    03 / additives
    The two additives that are more controversial in cat food are flavors and preservatives. Let's introduce it in detail below:
    Fantasy agents: Some people are also called seductive agents There are a lot of categories. Do not repeat them. In fact, the flavoring agent is extracted from fresh meat, just like salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, and vinegar used by us humans. As long as it is added in moderation and used reasonably, there is actually no adverse effect on pets. But excessive adding to cats is harmful to cats, so shoveling officers do not have to pursue pawn.
    The preservatives: Cat food will use some preservatives more or less during processing, commonly like potassium peard acid, benzoic acid, etc.; better preservatives include mixed nicheol, citric acid, etc. Vitamin C, vitamin E, rosemary oil, etc. but! Pay attention! Pay attention! BHA (butadyl hydroxyl fennel ether), BHT (di buttar hydroxythylene) and these three preservatives must not be available. This preservative has been banned from being used in people's food. The risk is not recommended.
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    This summary. The more clear the ingredients in the ingredient table, the better, and each type of ingredients must be labeled. What kind of meat? What fat? How much the proportion is for those who are vague and not even written in the ingredients table. Those who are summarized with "waiting" are all passed! There are too many grains, or even the proportion of meat, immediately pass! There are also people who find artificial food attractions and carcinogenic preservatives, PASS! PASS! PASS!
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    This Nutritional ingredients in cat food
    It, as the main grain of the cat, it must be able to provide a balanced nutrition for the master. Once a long -term consumption of influential cat food, cats are prone to illness or even death. As a result, in the nutritional data provided by many cat food, the sophisticated shoveling officer also practiced a pair of fire eyes.
    . To understand the nutritional composition table, first of all, you must understand what the nutritional components represent. The following I will exceed the contents of the internal content of the nutritional component of AAFCO cat feed to help everyone understand:
    Outside the table, did the shovel officers know in their hearts? So based on the above data, there is also the judgment standard for advanced version, which is also simpler:
    thick gray points (the lower the value in most cases, the better, the national standard is not higher than 10%): It is 550 at 550 -600 ℃ High -temperature furnace will be oxidized after all organic substances. It is mainly inorganic substances such as mineral oxides or salt, and sometimes contains a small amount of sediment, so it is called coarse ash. Rough gray is a indicator of controlling the quality of pets. It is not the nutritional ingredients in the product. If the content is too high, it means that the quality is poor! If you add additional mineral raw materials, such as boilestone powder, and pussy, the coarse ash score will be added, but at the same time, the production process will also affect the thick ash.
    The crude fat (mostly the higher the value, the better, the requirements in the national standard are not less than 9%): Because modern technology cannot accurately detect fat, it can only be roughly obtained through the calculation method, so fat can be obtained, so fat can It is written in the composition table as crude fat.
    Fat is the main source of heat supply. Like protein, it can provide cats with many unshakable nutrients after decomposition. But fat and oil are not a concept. To increase the value of the so -called fat through vegetable oil, it will not bring a good experience to the cat. Therefore, you must choose clearly when looking at the ingredient table.
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    Criny (most of the cases, the higher the value, the better, the national standard is 25%of the cat, 28%of the kitten The accurate value of protein and other components, the data in the table is calculated, so it is called crude protein.
    protein is the most nutritional ingredient for cats, and it is also the source of many nutrients. But here to distinguish animal protein and plant protein. Many plants are also rich in protein, such as beans, grains, etc., but the lack of cats in the plant protein is not necessary for cats. Causes potential risks. It can be noted here that the grain does not contain lysine. If the meat is relatively high, lysine can be detected.
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    The crude fiber (the lower the value in some cases, the better, the national standard is not higher than 9%): The higher the value, the more plant components in cat food.
    The carbohydrate (the lower the value in most cases, the better, and the content should not exceed 9%.): Too much carbohydrates are important causes of cats in cats. The "fat fat" on the top is not healthy. Although the nutritional component table of cat food is not marked with carbohydrates, this does not mean that cat food does not contain carbohydrates. However, we can calculate through the following formulas:
    The proportion of carbohydrates = 100% -protein ratio -fat ratio -crude fiber -moisture
    The demand for Chinese cats is ≥0.08%, and the needs of cats are ≥0.04%.): Some grains will be marked. The higher the content of magnesium, the higher the metal, the less magnesium. Therefore, the magnesium content is as little as possible.
    A calcium/phosphorus ratio: At present, the controversy of calcium and phosphorus ratio is large. The ideal ratio is best in the range of 1.1-1.2: 1 (in fact, it can be between 1: 1-2: 1), so that the bones can be strong can be stronger And maintain long -term health.
    omega-3 and Omega-6: The main sources are deep-sea fish and certain plants, which can help the cat's fur smoothly. But only animal (deep sea fish) Omega-3 and Omega-6 cats can be absorbed.
    A taurine (the national standard is not less than 1%): taurine can help cats maintain good vision and night vision ability.
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    The needs of the cat owner
    The types of cat food on the market are very large, not only ordinary cats, kitten dry food, but also prescription food, weight loss food, etc. Wait, you must choose according to the cat's own condition.
    of course, it is troublesome to choose cat food through ingredients, but. Starting from September 1, 2019, the country's "strictest" label (pet food packaging bag) stipulated that the country began to be enforced, and the shoveling officers chose to be healthy and healthy. The new announcement stipulates that on the outer packaging (label) of cat food and dog food, the following requirements must be complied with:
    la about natural food
    , Non -chemical process processing, plants, animals or mineral trace elements such as physical processing, heat processing, extraction, purification, hydrolysis, enzymatic, fermentation, or smoking, can be called "natural grain".
    ② Regarding promotion
    It prohibits pet feed (food) instructions or propaganda for pet -prevention or treatment of pet diseases.
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    ③ About formula
    only when the content of chicken in the raw material is more than 26%of the total weight of the product (cat food and dog food), can it be called "chicken formula". What if the chicken content reaches more than 14%of the total weight of the product (cat food and dog food)? It can only be called "chicken formula", which is the same as other meats.
    ④ About additives
    The "additive composition" shall be marked, including antioxidants, coloring agents, seasonings and seductive feed feed additives.
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    ⑤ About nutritional ratio
    The product composition analysis guarantee value must be provided, and the indicators of the project and requirements that should be included should be clarified. Detailed regulations. Only the grains that meet these parameters indicators can be called "full -price" food.
    ⑥ About manufacturers
    The details such as production license number, corporate name, address and other details must be available.
    Okay, if you say so much, you will find that the cat's food knowledge is really great, but I believe that every scientific cat -raising shovel officer is willing to choose the best for his baby. On the way to raise cats, let's work together ~
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    PS: The data source network compiled above. If there is an inconsistent or wrong opinion, please give me a lot of advice!

  3. It is generally believed that the best way to feed should be:
    raw bone and flesh > Cooked formula cat rice> Casumes canned food > Commodity dried cat food
    The basic suggestions for buying cat food under the summary:
    1. Look at the ingredient table
    The cat food with the appropriate formula, sort according to the main ingredients (the formula is written in the front is the main ingredients): fresh meat food> meat powder food> grain grain
    ps: meat should be required It states which kind of meat is, like a certain brand of 20 yuan per kilogram of cat food to write a general "marine fish", "poultry", "comprehensive meat", try not to consider
    First popularize a knowledge point: Cat is a pure meat animal! Intersection Intersection So the more meat in the formula, the better, the fresh the better!
    2. Reading nutritional composition table
    The qualified commercial cat food can inevitably find the nutritional component table on the outer packaging. This is not only the standard for the feed industry, but also a kind of responsibility to consumers. manner.
    3, avoid the lightning area
    cheap and no good goods! Intersection Intersection
    The cat food without eating back! Intersection Intersection
    do not easily believe in the recommendation of pet shops and pet hospitals, because the price / performance ratio is not appropriate (the price is virtual, the quality is not benchmarking the price)
    The meat in the formula does not indicate specific types of cat food, directly PASS
    4, reliable purchase channels
    "The harm of eating fake food for cats should be greater than the harm of eating gifs."
    General imports of imports will have authorized books. When you buy cat food in the online store, you must first find a store with a formal authorized book, followed by more comprehensive evaluation. The stores will give up some problems from the evaluation. After all, the comments of not all buyers will be whitewashed by the store.
    Secondly, although the price of offline physical stores is not so ideal, they are strictly regulated by the market, so they do not sell fakes, and they can not run the temple. Essence
    If you have the merchant or agent you know, you can consider it more reliable through long -term observation, but this requires the buyer to brighten his eyes, and you have a certain look at human eyes
    5 , Combining your own economic strength and the physical fitness of the cat
    First of all, each cat's health is different. Some cats need low -sensitive recipe cat food, but some need completely cat food; second No matter how healthy grain and cats do n’t eat, the owner also has suffering. In addition, it is necessary to consider personal affordability. Some people would rather buy noodles to cook instant noodles. It is actually unnecessary to buy a few hundred dollars of cat food for cats. Cat's food is the most wise choice.
    The proposal as the above 5 points as the basic principle of choosing cat food, cat slaves can basically choose suitable cat food to avoid stepping on the pit.

  4. Teach everyone to identify the small method of cat food
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  5. To choose cat food for cat love, health should be based on health, but it is not more expensive, the better, it depends on whether the cat's physique is suitable.

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