2 thoughts on “Can Chengdu see a pet hospital for cat heart disease?”

  1. The cat's heart disease has no symptoms in the early stages of the state. It is normal to eat, drink, and play. There is no problem to communicate with people. There is no problem with running and jumping. Most cat heart disease is found through physical examinations, such as B NP, ECG, blood pressure, heart ultrasound examination, including X -ray examination, and check cat heart disease in morphological changes.
    We some cats have not performed a physical examination in the early stage of heart disease, and the owner has not noticed it. Recently, if you do n’t like to play, you do n’t like to sleep, or you will be tired of playing for a while, or you are lying on a certain place to breathe quickly, the thoracic frequency is fast, the frequency of the thoracic frequency is fast. Or the cat's tongue is purple, or the cat appears in his mouth, similar to the dog's panting and tongue. These symptoms of cats are highly suspected of being caused by heart disease, and they need to go to animal hospitals for related examinations. For example, check whether the cat has chest water and heart problems. If the cat has heart problems, the X -ray film is comprehensively determined by the blood pressure, electrocardiogram, B NP, and heart ultrasound.
    The pet hospital in Chengdu has a total of 4 hospitals. So far, there are 800 square meters of clinical teaching centers in Chengdu, 400 square meters of resale centers, and a class Ⅱ standard clean operating room. ICU ------------ Severe enhanced nursing ward, laboratory, heterogeneous pet diagnosis and treatment room, heterogeneous inpatient department, dog comprehensive inpatient department, cat comprehensive inpatient department, isolated inpatient department, clear hospital partition, cleanliness, completely disinfection, and strictly prevent cross -infection.
    The equipment with endoscopy, ICU cabin, high -pressure oxygen cabin, laser laser, ultrasonic knife, PCR nucleic acid detection, DR digital imaging system, Micori M9 ultrasound, Mindray Animal blood ball analyzer, Mai Rui full digital ultrasound diagnostic system, Mai Rui Heart Electric Survey, Japanese ox tail C-reactive protein detector, Japanese Leokley fully automated biochemical detector, Aiden CAT1 fully automatic biochemical analyzer, high-precision German Raka microscope, imported respiratory anesthetic machine, imported blood condenser instrument , Doppler blood pressure meter, electrocardium machine, infusion pump, etc.

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