4 thoughts on “Throwing the kitten into other cats, will the cat mother treat him as a child?”

  1. Won't. First, although the cat's eyes are not easy to make, the sense of smell is very sensitive. She will find that she is not her baby. Second, if the female cat just lost her biological flesh, then you have to worry about the safety of the kitten

  2. The female cat relies on the taste to distinguish my child. I have a cat. I once picked up a wandering kitten. It happened that my cat had just gave birth to a nest of kittens, so I took the female cat first. The cushion in the nest was scooped back and forth on the wandering kitten, until it had the smell of the female cat on it. Later, I said that the female cat went out when I went out, and the female cat didn't notice it. Therefore, if the kitten has the smell of the female cat, it should be no problem, but the female cat is also visually visually, so it is best not to have much difference with the cats under other female cats. It may be recognized. Once exposed, the female cat bite the kitten.

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