5 thoughts on “Why does the raccoon cat look savvy and domineering, and other cats are cute?”

  1. Why does the raccoon cat look savvy and domineering, and other cats are cute? There is a raccoon cat in the seven cats I raised. My feeling is that the raccoon cat can be regarded as the "border herd" in cats. IQ is very high. I personally feel that they can even be comparable to children around 3-4 years old. Why does the raccoon cat look very savvy and domineering, and the other cats are Meng Meng who have the following examples:
    It about 4-5 months when I first adopted the raccoon cat, there are small deciduous teeth in my mouth? Essence When you first go home, you will not use a cat toilet (playing with cat litter in a cat toilet, just do not stool), and urine everywhere. In those days, it made people crash. Later, I paid attention to observing the law of defecation. Once it had just finished the stool, I took its poop with one hand with a toilet paper, held it with the other hand, walked to the cat toilet The toilet, then let it look at the stool with a cat sand, and saw that it lifted his head, just like a man suddenly realized, and then he immediately crawled in and urinated. Since then, it has never been urinating everywhere.
    When you have something to find you, you will take you away. Some people say that other cats can also be, but the raccoon cats are different. It will go back and see if you confirm whether you follow it. Other cats will run in front of you, and then look back to see if you don't keep up, and then run back. Only the raccoon cat is confirmed while walking. If you stop, it will stop, and then call you until you follow it again.
    The eyes of civet cats will turn. Don't get me wrong, other cat eyes will turn, but the transfer method is different. If you can observe a cat at home, you walked slowly from them. Most of the cats follow you, and the raccoon cat I raised is the eye. Essence Describing people's clever words, "The sophisticated eyes are turning around", this sentence is used in cats and wants to use it. If a cat is poked carefully, there will be many fun places, but the owner needs to observe and discover it carefully and patiently.

  2. Because the appearance of the raccoon cat looks more savvy and domineering, and the usual action is also very flexible, there is no cute look, so it looks very savvy and domineering.

  3. Because the long pattern of the raccoon cat is different from other pet cats, it is a bit similar to tiger, the hair is relatively short, and the road is mighty and domineering. It is more cute and cute, and naturally cannot be compared with raccoon cats.

  4. Because the raccoon cat is a Chinese pastoral cat in our country, it is very smart, very sensitive, and can catch mice and will find it by themselves. Such cats will definitely be domineering.

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