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  1. Dogs are the most common pets. According to data from the white paper industry in 2019, the number of cats and dogs across the country is about 99.15 million, of which the number of pet dogs is 55.03 million, exceeding pet cats, which is the largest pet in the country. In rural areas, dogs are even more common, and they can usually bear the responsibility of looking at home.
    This dogs are simple and simple, complicated and complicated. Sometimes as long as we have a bite, and then give it a bite; if you want to "raise" the dog, it is a difficult technical job.
    In the pets, we will encounter all kinds of things, such as what should I do if pets are sick? What should I do if I pick food? What should I do if a pet suddenly appears strange? After chatting with many shovel officers, I found a phenomenon that most people would encounter, that is, dogs peeing into the pot.

    Especially after eating, the shoveling officer did not take away the basin in time, and it would urinate into the basin. What a big problem, but the shovelers have a headache.
    In fact, the dogs peeing in a basin, most of the reasons are not food problems. If the food does not fit the taste, most of the time they choose to eat a few mouthfuls, and they will not eat it, and they will be told directly after sniffing, and they will rarely pee in them, so there must be a deeper reason behind this phenomenon.
    The "wildness" remaining on pet dogs During the long dog domestication process, human preferences almost reconstruct the brain of dogs, making it more and more adaptable to the living of human existence. At the same time, they are at the same time. Most of the wildness on the body was gradually worn away.
    is worth mentioning that there are still some "wildness" on modern dogs. As long as the conditions are appropriate, they can restore the status of wild animals, such as Australian wild dogs, which are typical examples.
    So what is the "wildness" of dogs? We might as well observe carefully, higher territorial awareness, urine marking, etc., which are one of their "wildness".
    The one of the reasons for the dog to pee in the basin is that they are marking the territory. Dogs are essentially domesticated by wolves, and the behavior of marking the territory in this way is inherent.

    . Although the pet dog's territory consciousness is not as strong as wild gray wolf, it still exists. For dogs in the city, family is its territory; for the dogs in rural areas, villages and surroundings It is its territory.
    The daily activities of dogs are very important, that is, the inspection territory and the smell marking. So in all corners of the house, it is not surprising that it also includes urine in the basin.
    Especially during the time when the shoveling officer just took the pet dog just home, it was so strange for the dog, and it would eager to swore its sovereignty and frequently peeing the label. However, after a period of time, most dogs have been effectively relieved after a period of time, after their smell is everywhere.
    Of course, the shoveling officers can also interact with it frequently during this time to allow pet dogs to enhance their sense of security, thereby reducing the frequency of its marking territory.
    In addition to the reasons mentioned above, if the dog is bullied or anxious, it may also pee in the basin. The stimulus of the outside world can cause the dog's inner anxiety, thereby strengthening their territorial awareness, and then triggering marking behavior.
    is not difficult to understand. When lacking security, the thing you want to do most is to stay in a space that can control and belong to your own.
    . For example, before the dog sleeps down, it is often around the surroundings. In fact, the purpose of this is to patrol the territory to ensure that there are no invaders or can threaten it, and then it will lie down and rest. Essence
    The factors that can trigger the anxiety of Wang Xingren. Compared with obvious sounds such as sound, weather and humidity are a problem that is easily overlooked.

    For example, thunderous weather and dry winter environment, let the static accumulation of hair on their bodies causing dogs' anxiety.
    Especially when their noses encounter metal furniture or basin, they will produce an electric shock effect, which will directly increase the dog's emotions to the danger level. In this state, dogs will show different behaviors from usual, such as tails down, ears back, asthma, etc. If they are further stimulated, it is likely to become irritable.
    The on these issues, we can "correct the right medicine" after clarifying the reason. For example, there are some dog -specific anti -static jackets on the market, which can be put on in winter or thunderstorms.
    It those who have conditions in the family can also temporarily bring the dog into a better sound insulation room, stroke it at the same time, and play some white noise to offset the thunder. These methods can soothe the Wang Xingren well Emotions.
    Of course, touching the dog is also a technical work. Many shoveling officials think that cats are not good to "撸", and dogs are "撸" casually. Several parts, one is the head, the other is the butt, and the third is the tail.

    The head to touch the dog for a long time will make it feel depressed and dizzy, which may cause negative emotions. The buttocks and tails are the "sensitive zone" of Wang Xingren. For animals, behind them is where they cannot be reached, and the weakest zone, they are unwilling to be touched.
    How to touch the dog's chin? The shoveling officers can refer to the method of the domineering president's sister -in -law. This trick is very useful for the dogs. Even the active Wang Xingren such as Erha can become a docile little sheep in your hands.
    It this method to "撸" dogs can achieve good results, mainly because during the interaction, the dog can not only smell the familiar taste of the shoveling officer, but also can see your hand at any time. This undoubtedly greatly enhances the sense of security of the dog, and also gradually heats the dog's feelings for your feelings.
    "撸" dog's posture is also very important. Don't stand and bend over to touch them. In the dog's cognition, the way to determine the strength of the other person is his own sight. Too much, the dog will be considered "not easy to provoke."

  2. It is because of the living habits of pet dogs, because dogs also like to eat shit, so they pee in their own recipes, which is also a normal physiological phenomenon.

  3. The main reason is to identify your own things through the taste. On the other hand, it is to occupy the site. At the same time, it is to put the excrement on your own things, enhance the dog's consciousness, help dogs distinguish things, and so on.

  4. It is likely that this food does not fit its appetite, so it protests with urine. There is also the dog's urination method to mark the territory. In this case, it will marked its own smell everywhere at home, which will make it more secure. Otherwise, you can have a good interaction with animals to eliminate these concerns.

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