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  1. In the past two days, I saw that many people were arguing for whether cats should sterilize in a pet group. Some people think that it is too cruel to make a cat for cats and deprive the cat's normal physiological needs. Some people think that humans are too much too much. I thought it was a cat owner to interfere with the future of cats at will. Some people thought that they must do sterilization for cats. Cats are good or not good. Today, the editor of Soman's pet goat milk powder will be told to everyone simply and scientific.

    This problems brought by the estrus of cats
    Car cats often go out to find flowers and ask Liu when estrus, and may also fight with the public cats to fight for their spouse, causing injuries, even lost loss The female cat yelled in the middle of the night when she was in estrus, harassing the sleep of her family and neighbors.
    . Once the female cat is in estrus, it is difficult to control it. If the female cat is free to give birth, the cat can have 3 to 5 births in one child and about 3 times a year. Often, the kitten has a good estrus and pregnancy before weaning. In this way, all the kittens are unable to take care of it. If no one adopts may cause the kitten to be abandoned into a stray cat, which makes people feel pitiful and even increase social problems. After a year, a pair of cats have given birth to it and gave birth to it. Children calculated that 300,000 kittens will be born in a year. Therefore, if we think that cats raising cats only for the purpose of rewarding, without breeding, we should do the best for them in time.
    The benefits of cat sterilization surgery

    This breeding surgery is also called "removal" or "castration", which is to remove the testicular of the male cat or the ovaries of the female cat. People are worried about the phenomenon of "cats". In addition to the lack of fertility, cats who have no fertility are not affected, and their personalities are more docile and cute. Moreover, the medical skills are also very developed. There are not many surgery to go to a regular hospital. The cat is about 100 and the female cat is about 150.
    When will the cat be better?
    The castration time of the female cat is best performed at about 5 months of birth, and the female cat cannot perform surgery during her estrus. The male cat was best in sexuality 6 months ago. The castrator should be implemented for castration surgery. It is best to do it in winter, which is conducive to the recovery of wounds. The female cat stopped eating for 12 hours before surgery. The wounds are basically healed for 6 to 7 days after surgery. But don't take a bath within half a month. The female cat stopped her estrus soon after doing sterilization. If the male cat has castrated after estrus for about 20 days before stopping the cat.

  2. Do it. Otherwise, so many wild cats are really bad. Last month, I saw a cat on the road on the side of the road. Although wild cats are much cleaner than wild dogs.

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