5 thoughts on “Why are there a lot of stray cats in stray cats?”

  1. Because there are more people who are raised than dog raising more. In proportion, more abandoned cats are more than dogs.
    Now everyone often finds that a large number of bloggers are showing cats and dogs. The proportion is especially the cat. The cats in the photos and videos look like angels on earth. They are cute and love, which can bring people a lot of joy. Because of the promotion of these video bloggers, people who want to raise cats will become very much. Nourishment has also increased.
    It raising cats is much easier than raising dogs. Dogs need a lot of time to accompany them. To occupy a considerable time and energy of the owner, cats can play by themselves. For many large dogs, such as Husky, Samoyed, Golden Retriever and other dog breeds, due to natural reasons, the activity space they need is very large, and the owner needs to go frequently. Large dogs like this, if living in the petite residential buildings, will be depressed because of insufficient activity space. This is why it is not recommended to raise large dogs in the city. Of course, if the house in the house is large enough or the elderly in the family is enough to take a dog shopping, it is not applicable to this one. So there are many cats.
    . Another reason is that some cats are easy to get sick. There are many varieties of cats, such as puppets, folding ears, etc. Because some unscrupulous cat houses make the cats randomly to make the cats and let them breed quickly, it is very easy to get sick. In this regard, the fame is the backyard cat. Once you are sick, the money you need is not a small number. For a considerable part of the cat -raising, cat raising is to get the pleasure of a cat, but if you want to pay a lot of money, they may be because they have no money, or because they feel that a cat will not let themselves spend it. So much money, hesitate, and then abandon his cat. In terms of news, dogs are relatively easy to get sick as cats. Therefore, if you want to raise a cat, you must go to a regular cat house. Do not buy a backyard cat.
    It another reason is that the stray dog ​​will be treated by urban management or privately under certain circumstances, but stray cats will not. For example, the stray dogs in some communities, because of too fierce or other reasons, sometimes they are put in different smoke, and stray cats are generally not. You know that the stray cat stray dog's damage to the ecological environment is quite large. Cats will kill many small creatures, including snakes, birds, etc., and they are natural enemies of many city creatures. Once a stray dog ​​is gathered, it will cause serious harm to the personal safety of pedestrians. There are often news reports that children or passers -by are bitten by stray dogs for no reason.
    So in modern society, we advocate everyone to raise cats and dogs. Before raising cats and dogs, make a certain psychological preparation, understand the characteristics of different cats and dogs, and know that they may have genetic diseases, especially for cats and dogs to have a clear understanding of the possible spending of cats and dogs. Prepare in advance, do not wait until after raising, find that in some aspects that do not meet their expectations, go abandoned cats and dogs, and let cats and dogs need to survive alone after experiencing love. It is a very cruel thing for them. And this not only makes yourself feel indifferent in emotion, but also has a greater impact on the ecological environment and innocent passers -by.

  2. In fact, in the countryside where no one cares about stray animals, the number of stray cats is far greater than stray dogs. They had a lot of dogs and cats when they were young, and their habits were really different. Dogs are attached to play, like to play with you, or like you to play with it, you will lie in your not far place when you play enough, and always pay attention to your move when you sleep. One puppy was sold to another family in the village. It was not particularly far away. It looked like two or three kilometers. On the first day, it slipped back while the new owner did not pay attention. , But as soon as you unlock the rope, it ran back again, on the third day, the fourth day. Later, the new owner heard a way, stir -fry a bowl of rice noodles and put a poached egg under the dining table. It will remember the new home. However, the consequences of the spirit did not run back again, but every time I passed by by chance, it was all there. Very affectionately came up around you, the tail shook the thief joy, and then I left the village to go outside to school. After half a year, I still remembered it. I still remember two years later. Later, the road in the village changed the way. It is necessary to pass by.

  3. I feel that many of the stray cats in many communities belong to the second and third generations. Generally speaking, the cat's survival ability is very strong, and the fertility is also very strong. Most of the stray cats choose to wander. The first generation and new generation of descendants. The cat's action is agile and fast. You can climb the tree to the wall or the corners of the corner, which can quickly avoid the damage of strangers, and there are few natural enemies in the city. In addition to strong natural foraging ability, you will also encounter the feeding of good people. And dogs can only act on the ground, and they have a lot of accidents, and they are easily damaged and driven. Many places also have the habit of eating dog meat. In addition to a small amount of litter, stray dogs are not abandoned, and they will be placed properly for most of the cases that cannot be raised for special reasons.

  4. It may be because the cat has not been domesticated as long as a dog, so there is a strong field of survival in the wild. After all, small animals that can be wild can basically become rations, and they don't eat much. Can have a baby. And I still feel that most of the stray cats are afraid of human beings, hiding far away, and stray dogs are not like this. Maybe this is also part of it.

  5. The domestication history of the dog is much longer than that of a cat. The ability of the dog to live independently after leaving the owner is very low, but the cat still has a strong survivability. And because stray dogs are more likely to hurt people than stray cats, more people eat dog meat than people eating cat meat, so once a stray dog ​​appears, it is more likely to be dealt with quickly. For the above two reasons, there are often more stray cats in the urban environment than stray dogs.

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