5 thoughts on “Is it easy to get a cat at home ???”

  1. Cats in the family have skin diseases?
    This is not based on, scientifically raising cats, deworming and vaccines in the body. Cats can be healthy.
    Best good hygiene habits.
    did you say that cats have skin disease or skin disease?
    This skin diseases are different from humans, and they do not easily infect humans.

  2. Is it easy to get skin diseases at home? I have never heard that cats can get skin diseases. The cat is very clean. His tongue tiger's tongue. Bringing. There are unclean places on the body, and it will use the tongue of the stab. Lick. I have never seen a very dirty cat, so it is not easy to get skin diseases at home.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer cat ringworms will be infected, so raising cats should pay attention to environmental sanitation and ventilation disinfectionnThere is a problem with the skin. Cat's claws will have cat paw disease, which also reflects the skin on the skin, so vaccination vaccination on timenCats can be transmitted to people's diseases. The following are more common: 1. Rabies, rabies, are caused by rabies virus. Cats are second only to dogs with the second source of infection of the dog. 2. Toxoplasma disease, Toxoplasma is a chance to cause pathogenic parasites. It contains its ovary sac in the cat's feces. 3. Cat caught disease and was caused by Hansbar's infection. 4. Catal and spores are caused by infection, and they are spread to people by close contact.n1 morenBleak

  4. Cats at home will not get skin diseases, but for the health of family members and pet cats, they must clean up and clean diligently. The environment of the family is clean. Give a cat vaccine, which is good for cats and owners. The above suggestions hope to help you.

  5. If you raise a cat at home, it is not easy to get skin diseases, but you should pay attention to cleaning, that is, pay attention to the cleaning of the cat and then don’t pay attention to your own hygiene.

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