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  1. Cats like music specially created for them, and they seem less interested in human music, because there are too many intertwined bass parts in human music, and cats' hearing is very developed, which is more noisy for them. Cat likes to be interested in the music of Music, the psychologist of the University of Music, who is suitable for their frequencies, and the MEgan Savage that animals will only be interested in the same rhythm of the same frequency of communication with their own communication. The same is true of cats. There must be a "gurg" sound in music, or the sound of the kitten sucking the female cat's nipples can cause them to love.
    Cats will show the music dedicated to the music created for them. I loved a song called "COSMOS Air". 44%of them have slippery sounds; slippery sounds exist in various cats, and humans are not commonly used; after 47 cat experiments have proved that most cats are not interested in human music, and they create this song according to their communication frequency creation. The song will make a praise grunt, and stretch the head to the sound source and smell.
    Cats like to listen to the harp music animal behavior. Scholars believe that playing harp music can calm the cats, let them fall asleep slowly, and breathe more soothing; some cat parents report that when they play harp music to their own cats, some cat parents reflect their cats to play harp music to their own cats. Cats will become quiet. It is recommended that the shoveling officer controls the volume when playing music. Don't be too large. Cat's hearing is much more keen than humans. You think the just right volume may be more noisy for them.

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