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  1. Don't look at it, touch the kitten
    The big cat feels unsafe or there are too many people on the kitten. What you will go in is natural (the box should be placed in the secret and cool place, do not blow the air conditioner,)
    and do not look at the big cat to feed the kitten. She will be angry with the kitten
    Pay attention to giving the kitten warm -up. I do n’t know how to take care of the kitten, and it ’s so weak (like a dying). It may be good for a few hours
    . She may be because she is afraid or not. Comfortable
    In you should care more about her eating more milk for it
    If it really does not breastfeed, use no needle or dripping bottle, wash it to the kitten Drink the milk powder, slowly when feeding, don't sting it (but do not use this method every time)
    do you not have to panic, my cat is born as soon as it is born. Now The kitten is more than a month and jumps.
    Pymat after the cat has a cat BB, it is best to take 1.5-2 months to help the female cat take a bath, because it does not need to remove the smell of the female cat, and the kitten will not feel odor and it will feel odor and it will feel odor and It has a sense of rejection, and it is easy to find milk to drink. The kitten's sense of smell is also very good!
    If as a kitten, it usually takes more than two months to help it take a bath, and after washing Immediately wipe it with a towel, it is best to blow dry it with a fan. Do n’t be too close to the distance, if you do n’t hurt the kitten! Why should it be so late? Because the cats are afraid of cold, they are too young Bathing with it, even if the weather is hot, you can use warm water to help it, but it will also shake very interesting. Too small kittens can not be self -regulating by body temperature!

  2. 1. The cat's ability to take care of it is very strong. As long as the cat is born smoothly, it can be handed over to the cat's mother. Basically, don't care, but to see if the cat mother is pressed to the kitten at any time, just help to move!
    2.7 days open your eyes. If some small Mimi hasn't opened his eyes for 8 days, you can gently open it with his hands, don't be too hard.
    Is will you run for a few weeks? I haven't counted it, it may be possible to run in two weeks. Generally, milk breaks for a month,
    3. Boil the kitten cat and cat food with water. Intersection
    4. It seems to be able to get an injection for a month and a half. It depends on whether you want to give a cat for a cat. After the first estrus, it can be born normally!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer to check each kitten in the placenta, and it should be excreted from the body after each kitten is born. Note that the number of placenta is recorded, because the placenta stays in the female cat's body content is likely to cause infection. If it is not treated in time, it will threaten the life of the female cat. Don't try to pull the placenta out of the body. Because the umbilical cord is dragging the uterine cord, it can cause the uterus to tear, threatening the safety of the female cat. If you suspect that the female cat does not discharge the placenta, take the female cat to seek medical treatment. After childbirth, the female cat usually eats the placenta. The placenta contains the rich hormones and nutrients needed by the female cat's body. In the process, do not interfere with the female cat. As long as it is confirmed that she does not accidentally eat her child. You'd better take away the remaining placenta after eating two or three placenta, because too much nutrition can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Don't break the umbilical cord, don't break the umbilical cord connected to the placenta without authorization. Most female cats bite the umbilical cord by herself. If she did not do so, she could consult the veterinarian. Do not cut the umbilical cord without authorization, even if some are still in the body of the female cat. Because the umbilical cord and the placenta are linked, the placenta may not be discharged in the body of the female cat. Cutting the umbilical cord without authorization may cause infection and cause the female cat to die. I have to contact the veterinarian and operate under his guidance.

  4. This situation is difficult to produce, and someone needs to care.
    1. Call for a pet hospital, please ask the pet doctor to rescue.
    2, should be washed your hand when you wait, and after disinfection, gently pull the kitten's paw, not to let it be at this leg. Try to put both legs together, so as to avoid being difficult to produce at first legs, and delay time and cause kittens and old cats to die.
    3, shave the old cat first, disinfect the scissors and needle threads, prepare medical supplies such as gauze, iodine, etc. When the critical doctors are less than the case, they can give the cat caesarean section and take out the kitten. The hemostasis and suture treatment after surgery must be carefully carefully.
    4. After handling 1-3, you should take the old cat and kitten to the pet hospital for examination every day to avoid wound infection and death.

  5. The kitten should not move it. The upstairs is right, and don't look at it, so that the female cat will take the kitten away, or the female cat runs itself, and leave the kitten. The most terrible thing is: the female cat will kill the kitten! Intersection Intersection
    This are the experience of cat raising for many years, but it is only experience, but why is it unclear why this is not clear ...

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