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  1. Methods and precautions for cats.
    1. We should choose a warm and sunny sunny day to take a bath for the cat to prevent the cat from cooling.

    2. Before preparing to take a bath, help the cat to cut the sharp nails to prevent the cat from struggling to the owner when he is struggling. The method of cutting nails can be referred to "The Correct Method of Cuts for Cats".

    3. Prepare a little cat snacks. If the cat struggles after entering the bathroom, you can feed a little bit to appease the cat's emotions and make the cat feel that the bathroom has food, which is not so terrible.

    4. Find a helper to help take a bath. A person who helped cats in a cat may be struggling with cats and unprepared situations, causing cats to escape or catch the owner. Therefore, two people need to help cats take a bath. If the cat is familiar with, strangers will make the cat feel fear.

    5. Prepare dry towels with good hair dryer and water absorption. The cat needs to wipe off the water in time after taking a bath and blow dry.

    6. Before taking a bath, sort out the hair on the cat, making the cat fluffy and soft, and it is easier to wash away the dirt.

    Can cats use shower gels?

    not. Because the cat's skin is different from the human skin structure, the acid and alkali degrees are different, and the shower gel is generally designed according to the acid and alkali of the skin to prevent the skin's acidity and alkali imbalance.

    The shower gel for cats may cause cats to have problems such as hair removal, dandruff, and skin diseases. Therefore, you should not choose a bathdrop for cats for cats.

    Can the dog's shower gel cat be used?

    It should not use the dog's shower gel for cats, because the pH of the cats and dogs is also different, and it is not suitable for cats for cats. Dogs' skin is easier to secrete oil. Friends raising dogs will find that the dogs at home will take a bath every few days, otherwise there will be an unspeakable taste on the body ...

    So, please choose a cat for your beloved cat. If there is no obvious dirt on the cat's body, you can not use shower gel.
    The pet shop cat bathing experience is very good, they are very responsible.

  2. Before taking a bath, you need to prepare pets with bath fragrances, water absorption towels, ordinary towels, and water blowers and hair dryers. At the same time, you need to shorten the bath time to prevent the cat from getting cold.

    The specific steps are as follows: First of all, adjust the water temperature. Generally, warm water is recommended, and then slowly wet the cat's hair with water. You can use your hands or pots. Cats; then apply a bath with a bath in the whole body, usually knead for 1 to 3 minutes, and then rinse it with water; finally wipe off the excess water with a water absorption towel, and then wrap the cat to blow water with ordinary towels.

    If the cat's bathing process is more resistant, it is recommended to step by step to increase the cat's adaptation time, and we will not control violence. If necessary, you can bring to a pet shop to take a bath.

    1, first trim the nails and combed hair, touch the cat first, soothe the emotions, use a comb to remove the waste hair, and comb the cat's hair.

    2, trim the cat's nails, avoid being caught during bathing. Massage the cat's small meat pad.

    3, spread a water absorption towel, be careful not to block the water inlet and adjust the water temperature. Use a massage comb to help the cat combat and massage.

    4, the water temperature is 38 ~ 40 ° C, the most suitable. If the cat is afraid of the sprinkler, you can use the pot to install the water. First use water to wet your limbs, and then slowly wet your body. When you take a bath or timid cat for the first time, pay attention not to the back of the cat.

    5, pour the right bath liquid on the hand, in turn from the neck, back, abdomen, limbs, and tail, gently scrub the cat with a gentle movement.

    6, rinse with warm water after rubbing until there is no foam.

    7. Wet the cat's head and face with warm water, load a small amount of bath liquid to wash the head, rinse the head with warm water, pay attention to the cat's eyes and ears, rinse it , First use your hand to beat the water again.

    8. Wipe it with a water absorption towel, spread a ordinary towel to absorb water under the cat's feet, and then wipe the cat with a towel.

    9. The wind speed of the hair dryer from small to large, adjust the temperature of the machine, so as not to burn the cat, let the cat slowly familiar with the sound of the hair dryer, first blow the limbs, body, and finally to the head. When blowing the head, you need to adjust it back. After taking a bath, you can use a cotton swab to clean the cat's ears.

    10, finally help the cat to comb the hair.

  3. Cats first appeared in the desert, so we all know that cats do not like water. Usually, when the body is wet on the body, it will be particularly annoying!

    The even many shovelers are struggling with how to make cats drink plenty of water, but compared to drinking water, the cat is even more disaster to take a bath!

    If, it is an experienced shoveling officer, that is, a pet shop of pet shops who often bathe cats. Sometimes, when bathing the cat, they will be scratched by the cat for a few claws!

    but the cat does not take a bath? In fact, how do cats usually clean up?

    The cat's tongue is stabbing, and the cats usually lick themselves for themselves, and a group of cats will clean the hair to each other when they are together.

    It sand cats use fine sand to clean up the dirt on the body, so some cats do not take a bath, but not bathing does not mean that there is no taste!

    So the shoveling officer raised cats, taking a reasonable bathing is a big problem. It is impossible to not wash bathing. It is impossible to not wash in this life!

    So to prevent severe injuries to the shoveling officer, and there are some problems with cats because of bathing, then let's take a look today, what is the correct posture of cats!

    It we start with the water of the cat washed!

    1. When washing cats, pay attention to the water temperature. Please remember that we are not stewed cat soup, nor do we want to get a cold!

    This, cough, cat's body temperature is higher than people, so the right degree of water temperature is 40-50 degrees, the best, no matter how high, it is too cold!

    The best thing is to open the bath. In this case, the temperature will not be lost too fast when taking a bath, and the cat will not have a cold problem because of this!

    2. The correct posture of cats should pay attention to!

    Is when washing cats, do not superstitize the so -called cat washing artifact. The stuff is particularly injured to the cat. The key is that cats will be afraid! Generally, the cat washing cats are cleaned from the order of the head, neck, back, abdomen, and limbs. The speed should be fast and not too rude. At the same time, pay attention not to let the water pour the cat's eyes and ears. You can try it in the cat ear. There is a little cotton, and after washing!

    3. The cat washing must be divided into cats. For long -haired cats, unless you want to knot your body, it is best to sort out again before washing!

    This hair on cats is often divided into the outermost coat and inner fluff. Of course, short -haired cats are not so complicated. We are talking about long hair cats!

    So before taking a bath, we must comb the long hair cat, and comb the fluff inside, otherwise you will wait for the knot!

    4. After the cat washing, you must pay attention to the hair. What the cat hates most is this link!

    In don't look at the cat as fierce. In fact, the cat can't help but scare at all. The short -haired cat can let the cat air dry after drying the water in the summer. Be gentle, pay attention not to scare cats, otherwise cats are easy to get sick!

    5. The cat has to take a bath to see the time. Six months ago, if you are not very dirty, try not to take a bath. After six months, you cannot take a bath frequently!

    The skin on the cat is more protected by oil. Once the bath is too much, the cat will be more likely to get sick after the resistance drops!

    So even cats of more than six months, it is best not to take more than three times a month!

    6. In the correct posture of cat washing, the kitten should not take a bath!

    The kittens without vaccine are very low resistance. Bathing is easy to cause cold pulling and even more serious problems. It is recommended to wash it after two weeks of vaccine!

    and even after this time, you can't wash more. The kitten bathing is the most hurt!

    7. Can you use a shower gel? Can you use the dog's shower gel?

    Why do cats use cats for cats? In fact, the most fundamental point is that the pH of the cat's skin is different from others, so it is prone to skin disease problems such as hair removal after using other shower gel!

    It the taste of the dog's shower gel is actually disliked by cats, especially on removing fats, the dog's shower gel is stronger, and the cat's skin damage is even greater!

    Therefore, when the shoveling officer takes the cat, you can come in this order!

    The first: Prepare a pot of warm water. It is advisable to put your hand in the water and feel it is not hot.

    It: OK is appropriate, which will not cause cats to be cold. Turn off the air conditioner in summer. Remember to turn on the bath in winter to make the cat more comfortable. rnrn第三:轻柔的将温水浇在猫咪的背上,然后加上一点沐浴液后,先从猫咪的后脖子处开始清洗,再洗到猫咪的后背、肚皮、 Tail, the movement is fast, otherwise the cat will be beaten ~

    Fourth: Be careful not to get the water into the cat's eyes and ears when taking a bath, and try to avoid washing the cat's head. You can put a bath hat for cats to prevent bath water from entering your ears. If you need to clean the cat's head, you can wipe it gently with a wet towel.

    Fifth: Gently massage the cat's body and try to make the cat more relaxed!

    : Note not to let cats lick shower gel and bath water to prevent cats from eating poisoning by mistake. After using the shower gel, rinse twice more, rinse the shower gel on the cat.

    Seventh: After washing, use a bath towel to blow dry, and then blow dry hair for the cat with a hair dryer. Remember not to use too much wind and too high temperature. The wind wipes the body to blow dry the cat!

  4. If the first time, you can take a pet shop to take a bath; pet shops will understand the cat better than us, and the treatment process will be more complete

  5. If you can wash the cat yourself, you can wash it by yourself. It is enough to wash it once or two every month or two. It is more troublesome to blow the hair dryer. Pay attention to blow drying, otherwise it is easy to get skin diseases. Our cats are more difficult to do. I usually send pet shops. There is a shop specializing in a cat for cats. It is quite professional. Yes, the main reason is that the master is particularly good in their hands, and I am very relieved.

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