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  1. Totoro is also called Mosice Rat. He likes group residences, docile temperament does not bite people, day and night, like to lie on your back and like dry and cool environment. Like to eat fresh and juicy plants, bark, dried grass and seeds. Sand baths are the most important habits of Mosice Rat. They like to roll, play, clean their bodies in the sand table, and have the habit of biting their mouths.

    The color of Totoro is about 16 types. The most common is gray. This is cheaper and other colors are much more expensive. The price of the most expensive golden cats is about 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan. Generally, the current Totoro price is about 800-5000 on the market, and it can be bought in about 300 with poor quality. Xiaobian recommends buying 2- March. Such Totoro is easy to raise, and it is easier to train and cultivate feelings with the owner.
    Totoro is very curious and timid, and they are interested in everything. Out of the habit of rodents, those who can eat or not like to swallow it. The most amazing point of My Neighbor Totoro is that they have their own expressions and like to sell cute.
    Totoro has no appreciation, but you need to use a special Chinchilla bath sand and volcanic ash to bathe. Be careful not to use water.
    INT Chinchillas are short, eyes are bright, with gods without eye scale; nose breathing smoothly without snoting; feces should be a very hard oval dark brown particles; teeth are flat.
    In terms of feeding, young cats are feeded in grassy grass, and adults are fed with mimo. You can also feed grass in the morning and feed food at night. Drinking water must be pure water or mineral water.
    It, Totoro is very easy to raise, it does not need to spend a lot of time to accompany, no need to walk. Just feed regularly and take a bath regularly.

  2. My Neighbor Totoro is cute and not easy to raise, and the quality determines the price. Friends who want to raise them first understand the price of My Neighbor Totoro!
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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, 800-5000 yuannThe current Totoro price is around 800--5000 in the market.nOnce you decide to buy My Neighbor Totoro, you must buy it in February to March. Such Neighbor Totoro is very easy to raise, and of course it is also good for training. The price of the most expensive golden cats is the price of 3,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan.nIf you are the first time to raise My Neighbor Totoro, it is recommended to buy a few hundred first and accumulate some experience. Feeding Totoro must be patient. At first, you can feed the snacks that it likes to eat across the cage and speak to it at the same time. It will gradually start trusting you. Then, when it is already familiar with the cage and you, you can open the cage (but don't let it escape the cage), and then you can hold your fingers with your fingers and reach out to the cage to feed it.nMore 2nBleak

  4. The price of each place is different
    2-5 months of My Neighbor Totoro is better to cultivate feelings and grow up. Ganji.com look at the color that generally sells
    Totoro's color is purple blue coffee colorful velvet color gold powder, white pure black chocolate, black dark light black milk cow silver version of the beige apricot light light light light light light Mi Biao emblem (there are others can't remember)
    The cheapest logo is the cheapest DD450-650 MM500-700, and other colors are generally more than 1,000. Among them, purple and blue are the most expensive Generation gene is less expensive)
    Totoro can be raised but novice suggests that the resistance of the ash is strong. It is not easy to die. The materials include cages (standard cages and cabinets) Personally recommend using cabinet cages with less noise at night and not very flying hair
    (the best but more expensive in Lan Yun)
    ) If you just get a plastic box, you can also be
    The main grain (I personally recommend Matru Rui or Aibao)
    kettle (the water placed in the kettle must be boiled water or mineral water) tap water will be diarrhea
    mentioned Moses (the best APD is then JOJO)
    This (feeding method is early grass and late grain) minor cat grass is the main adulthood of the grass
    Apple branches)
    food box
    wooden nest (year four seasons) ceramic nest (in summer) cotton nest (in winter)
    r n Ice box and ice nest (if you have the conditions to turn on the air conditioner)
    snacks (this is better to train Totoro) Hawthorn tablets and raisins
    As long as you buy some grain grass, it will be about 100 a month
    This can not use tap water or heterosexual Neighbor Totoro cannot be cherished before the same sex (as long as you do not fight)
    Cats with poor urine and gross hairs of cats overnight have to be poured off. It will be heat stroke
    , so you want to turn on the air conditioner or buy the ice nest to cool down
    The any questions can ask me

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