2 thoughts on “There is red crust on the cat's neck, which does not hurt or itch.”

  1. This may belong to the possibility of trauma
    The hair of the affected part of the affected area is better
    It apply erythromycin to see if it does not spread outward.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen the questions you consulted, please check it for you, please wait a bit ~nHello, I am honored to help you answer -when you find that there are some crusting things on the cat's neck, this is usually more common in some skin diseases. For example, some skin exudation and scabs caused by some bacterial infections and pus cortex, such as some fungus, mala -colonized or mulbolia -like catron -like scabs. Of course, sometimes cats are caused by inflammation of the ear canal, or the itch caused by the in vitro parasites such as ear mites in the ears, causing the hind leg to scratch the neck to scratch the neck and the manifestation of bleeding scabs. Once you find that there is such a scaby thing on the cat's neck, we must first bring the cat to the Elizabeth circle to avoid scratching and aggravating the condition or stimulating secondary infections. Then you can shave the hair around the lesion, remove the crust, and then treat the symptomatic treatment. [Hope to answer your help, dear]nAsk him should not be skin diseases because the previous problem has been a few months. From the beginning, only few are now quite large. There are many beans, but when you can't see it, you can only find it when you can't see it.nAnswer Hello, I am honored to help you answer -if that situation, I suggest you send it to your pet hospital tomorrow for inspectionnQuestion, uh, thank younAnswer, if the area will spread now, you still have to send it to the inspection.nYou're welcome, rest earlyn5 morenBleak

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