4 thoughts on “What are the games played by pet cats?”

  1. There are many games played by cats. Generally speaking, like the more flexible games with shaking, it is relatively simple to play with fruit cats.

  2. 1. Cat School
    Enter the game, which is divided into 5 game modes. The ladybug can be played directly by default. Others need to be charged extra. The ladybug mode is very similar to the red dot of the laser pen. From the moving picture, the ladybug's trajectory is random. Most of the time is fast, and occasionally slowly, like deliberately teasing cats to grab. This is better to do it. Essence
    2, catfishing 2
    divided into three levels, one fish in the first level, two fish in the second level, and three fish in the third level. It is also more natural. The fish will disappear, and then there are bubbles and ripples, which look like that.
    3, Game for Cats
    The is like this, there are two levels, free laser red dots and charging mice. The mouse will not disappear when it is hit. It will only squeak and then walk away. The speed and trajectory are still random. Suddenly, it can also attract the cat's interest. The sound is a highlight.
    4, Best Game for cats
    Many modes, balls, bells, mice, wool balls, and each mode is moved slowly and uniformly.

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