4 thoughts on “Can our domestic native cats be raised as pet cats?”

  1. Turkey is a pet that is very suitable for fish farming. Its food style is wide. In strict sense, the problem of food allergies encountered by purebred cats is much less.

  2. I think it can be raised as a pet cat. No one stipulates that pets must be kept on pet cats. The native cats are also very cute. If you are good to it, it will also be very docile.

  3. I think it is okay. Some Chinese pastoral cats are also very docile, and they can also tame them well. Some Chinese pastoral cats are not worse than pet cats, and they are better to feed.

  4. Chinese native cats can be raised as pet cats. Turkish cats are actually Chinese pastoral cats, with more varieties. For example, Shandong Lion Cat, White Cat, Orange Cat, Tanloga Cat, those who want to raise can choose it. However, the personality of the rural cat is relatively wild. The owner must turn off the doors and windows in the house and not let the cat run away.
    Can I raise it as a pet?
    of course, it is okay. In the past, Chinese native cats were used to catch mice, so that the owner's food could not be bitten by the mouse. But now there are relatively few mice, and the character of the raccoon cat is also very good. It will not bite the owner. It depends on the owner, which is very suitable for pets. Many people have raised Chinese pastoral cats and posted related videos on the Internet, which also made netizens envious. Netizens said that the varieties of cats they raised are not very rational, and they are particularly easy to get sick. They are delicious and delicious every day, but they are still weak. The raccoon cat is very skinny, basically everything can be eaten without eating. If you live in a bungalow in your home, you can accommodate, and cats can catch some small animals to eat.
    This shoveling officer can start from childhood, so that the cat's personality can be better.
    A adult raccoon cats may be more afraid of people and are unwilling to get close to humans. After all, it has been wandering outside for a long time. But the raccoon cat is very cute, and it will make the sound of the meow, which makes the shoveling officer soften his heart. If you want to raise a native cat, you can ask your relatives in the countryside if you have a big cat with a big cat. Then after three months of the kitten, you can bring it to the city to raise it, so that the kitten can adapt to the life of the city. After the time, the owner can perform sterilization surgery for the cat, and the cat will not be troubled by estrus.
    The summary
    The long time for kittens and owners to stay for a long time, so you depend on your owner and will welcome the owner to go home. The owner must not abandon the kitten and should raise it to the end.

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